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Midwest Living November/December 2018

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Midwest Living celebrates the unique and surprising Midwest region through its food, travel destinations, lifestyle, homes and gardens. Like visiting with a best friend, it unveils the authentic flavor of this region through inspiring photos, inside tips on best places to visit, and family-favorite recipes that simply taste great.

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charleston south carolina

The Charleston area is steeped in tradition, and the holiday season is a wonderful time to explore the customs and celebrations cherished by locals. From candlelight concerts featuring Gullah spirituals to holiday shopping strolls and festive carriage rides, the time spanning from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day is full of special activities and events. To stay here is to be swept back to an era of flickering carriage lanterns and cobblestone streets. Choose among top-rated luxury hotels, full-service resorts, and quaint historic inns to experience Charleston’s signature hospitality. It is a world of lovingly manicured gardens and church bells tolling on the hour. Soak up this beguiling time of year and begin a new tradition this holiday season in Charleston, South Carolina. Discover the people, places, and traditions found only in Charleston,…

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“A LOT OF ADULTS ARE SURPRISED TO FIND OUT THAT THEY ACTUALLY EXIST,” JANE SAYS. Every host helplessly watching their Christmas party struggle to pick up speed has thought the same thing: “Next year, I’m definitely springing for a reindeer!” Not yet? Just wait. Santa’s favorite workhorses are emerging as the latest yuletide upgrade, pushing ugly sweater contests into the “been there, done that” bin. But where do you get access to this bit of living holiday lore? Turns out, it took me 10 seconds on Google to find reindeer for hire an hour from my house. A few minutes later, I was on the line with Jane Bethards of Iowa Reindeer Rental, who confirmed the buzz around her family farm’s latest business angle. “It’s almost getting to where you don’t have…

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season’s greenings

Put Meghan Blum on the nice list. A purveyor of playful patterns and artfully mixed metals, the Des Moines-based interior designer conjures some of the lovelier Christmas trees adorning area homes and businesses. Meghan helped us concept this fashionable (yet achievable) tree and shared her secrets for creating a perfectly pulled-together seasonal display. GET TO KNOW MEGHAN BLUM Enjoys a champagne cocktail at Christmas. Collector of all things Santa. Will rock an ugly sweater if asked.…

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Having too many truffles around isn’t a bad problem, but that’s how Pete Ste y went pro. After studying under a chocolate-shop owner in Mexico for fun while teaching abroad, Pete came home to Detroit obsessed with perfecting a recipe, giving piles of candy away. When friends of friends begged for more, he launched Pete’s Chocolate Company, a wholesale business with occasional stalls at places like Eastern Market. “Traditional hand-rolled truffles are soft and creamy,” Pete says. But, he adds, delicate doesn’t mean difficult. There’s no fussy tempering or messy dipping here. Just melt chocolate with cream, chill until firm, then roll little balls and coat them in cocoa, nuts or sugar—kind of like shaping a snickerdoodle cookie. “There’s a lot of room for experimentation,” says Pete, who adds ingredients like…

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eat. drink. and bring a cooler.

In 2016, a Minnesota bar owner and manager landed felony charges after crossing state lines with New Glarus Brewing Company’s Spotted Cow. Their offense: selling the coveted (and famously “Only in Wisconsin”) ale back in Minnesota. Yes, New Glarus brews are that good. But the real crime here? They only came for beer. Steeped in delicious Swiss heritage and situated a day trip away from Madison, Chicago and Milwaukee, New Glarus is the perfect destination for a holiday pantry run. The rolling green hills of southern Wisconsin have churned out some of the country’s best cheeses for a century. The town does have a streak of kitsch, but it’s also home to new and established makers drawing on 170 years of culinary tradition. Chalet-style shops and restaurants, some built by immigrants who…

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straight from the heartland

1 TEA TOWEL Columbus, Ohio, watercolorist Yao Cheng splashes kitchen towels with bright patterns, dreamy seascapes and lush botanicals. (Framing instead of using is totally fair.) $35. yaochengdesign.com 2 WOODGRAIN VASES AND TRIANGLES CUPS Detroit ceramicist Abigail Murray’s work is impressively delicate, with intricately wrought surfaces that beg for touch. From $48 for vases; $28 for cups. MWL18 FOR 10% OFF abigail-murray.com 3 COCKTAIL COURIER KIT This Windy City service ships a round of craft cocktails anywhere in the U.S. The box includes a master mixologist’s recipe, plus every ingredient you’ll need, from base liquor to fresh citrus garnish. From $30. MIDWESTMAG FOR 15% OFF cocktailcourier.com 4 THE HAPPY PAWLIDAYS BOX Made in St. Louis, these grain-free peanut butter dog biscuits are stamped with irresistibly cheeky messages. A portion of proceeds supports shelters and rescue groups. $15 for a…