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Midwest Living September/October 2018

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Midwest Living celebrates the unique and surprising Midwest region through its food, travel destinations, lifestyle, homes and gardens. Like visiting with a best friend, it unveils the authentic flavor of this region through inspiring photos, inside tips on best places to visit, and family-favorite recipes that simply taste great.

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This story obviously has some layers. And that makes Robert Snyder’s lost dream inside Ha Ha Tonka State Park (said to mean “laughing waters”) an ideal target for my annual autumn urge to go poke around mysterious locations. Blame it on too many childhood viewings of Disney’s cartoon The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The story follows Ichabod Crane’s harrowing ride home as bullfrogs croak out his name, wind moans through broken stems of grass and fireflies transform hollow trees into spectral eyes. It sent me burrowing under the couch blanket every time. And the tingly memory sends me out each fall to search for that old rush of hearing my footsteps on a forgotten bridge or peeking through an abandoned farm’s gate. ROBERT SNYDER CALLED IN SCOTTISH STONEMASONS TO BUILD HIS CASTLE.…

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Perfect desserts for crisp fall nights Whether you crave the rich taste of chocolate, the sweet crunch of apple or the spicy aroma of cinnamon, our collection of dessert recipes will deliver fall flavor to your kitchen. Find 35 sweet autumn favorites at midwestliving.com/falldesserts. Where’s your favorite spot for fall color? Here’s what you told us on Facebook. Join the fun at facebook.com/midwestlivingmag. 50% Trail 40% Lake 10% Backyard Follow us on Pinterest. Collect and share ideas for recipes, gardens, decorating and travel at pinterest.com/midwestliving. Join us on Instagram. To see photos celebrating life in the Midwest, follow us @midwestlivingmag or share your pics by tagging them #midwestmoment. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to share ideas, get tips from editors and enter contests.…

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Through old-growth forest, our path weaves to a pool filled with reds, oranges and yellows. Past the leaf-laden water, we double back and down a gully to find a trickling cascade from the pool spilling into Pictured Rock Cave. Crowns of golden maples peek over the limestone walls. We have the space to ourselves. And for a moment, I’m convinced we’re the first humans to discover it. We have the space to ourselves. And for a moment, I’m convinced we’re the first humans to discover it. Wyalusing State Park is hardly off the grid—just 10 miles outside Prairie du Chien in southwest Wisconsin. Yet its trails can whisk you into lush landscapes and sandy caves with no people in sight. Same goes for many of the Midwest’s lesser-known parks and preserves. No…

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hello, dahling

THE LEGEND OF DAHLIAS How a handful of tubers crossed the Atlantic in a ship’s hold and changed flower history. Centuries ago, a few species of dahlia grew wild in Mexico. (Aztecs used them for food and medicine.) In 1789, botanists sent dahlia tubers to the Royal Gardens of Madrid for scientific study. Two centuries of eager hybridization later, gardeners can choose from some 50,000 varieties—and they all descend from those original Mexican ancestors. One of the world’s most diverse flower species, DAHLIAS DAZZLE from June or July until October. Save this primer for spring; turn the page for fall storage tips. 1 CHOOSE A SPOT Dahlias grow best in moist, well-drained soil with full sun. Depending on the variety, they will reach between 1 and 8 feet tall. 2 GO SHOPPING Some growers sell plants, but…

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GET TO KNOW CJ BIENERT Runs biz with wife, Kari. Major fan of Wisconsin’s Pleasant Ridge Reserve cheese. Always picks fondue on his birthday. CJ Bienert grew up thinking all cheese tasted alike. But after experiencing the sharp, tangy complexity of sheep’s milk cheese more than a decade ago, his perspective changed—a lot. Today, he offers more than 100 varieties at The Cheese Shop of Des Moines. And his restaurant, Cheese Bar, serves elaborate boards, toasts, sandwiches and baked macaroni. But the star is a luscious fondue. (If you order it, prepare for envious stares from down the communal table.) CJ’s secret, naturally, is in the cheese. “Gruyère, Emmentaler and Appenzeller is a classic mix for Swiss-style fondue,” he says. “Each cheese brings its own personality to the pot.” Gruyère is the most familiar,…

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WHERE TO FIND ARTISAN DENIM You don’t need designer genes to appreciate these denim goods. 1 RUGGED RUG Treat your feet to a rug handmade in Guatemala and sold by The Brow Bar shop in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Indigo Recycled Denim Rug, $65 meilingwest.com 2 BOLD SHOULDER Indigo-stripe denim meets canvas and leather in this Ohio-made bag. iPad Bag, $98 breadandroses2.etsy.com 3 PILLOW TALK Mix denims? For sure! Varied tones interlock like bricks on this pillow cover. Berkeley Denim Patchwork Pillow Cover, $85 madeforroo.etsy.com 4 TRAY CHIC Treated denim and tanned leather form a striking display piece. Kawabon Tray Large, Washed Denim/Natural, $124 graf-lantz.com 5 GREAT BLUE WHALE The Maryn, an Ann Arbor, Michigan, boutique, sells this charmingly huggable toy crafted by Haitian artisans. Wally the Whale, $32 themaryn.com 6 WEEKEND DUFFEL Make a quick getaway with a bag that’s not too big…