Modern Rodding Volume 2, Issue 1 January 2021

Modern Rodding is dedicated to early and late hot rodes - from Model Ts to GTOs and everything in-between. It features the latest in custom builds, technical articles, new products, and special features.

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starting over editorial

All of us imagine how we want our garages to look. There are the precious few who have made the leap to the quintessential properly outfitted garage. To date we have even featured a few on the pages of Modern Rodding, like Dave Simard’s personal garage. It’s everything any hot rodder would want. It contains finished rods, project rods, parts and pieces tucked away in the rafters, and more nailed to the wooden studs, ample laden dollies pushed under benches, and some goodies parked outside—and, tools everywhere of every type and description. (Some of which I have no idea what they’re about!) Yep, it’s a hot rodder’s garage. But alas, my garage doesn’t measure up. Now, my garage as a normal track home garage goes isn’t bad. It will hold four…

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the next chapter editorial

Unlike the “olden” days when you looked at the date on a “fresh” magazine cover that read three months in advance (I won’t go into the logistics of that practice), when you glance at the exterior spine of the latest issues of Modern Rodding, Classic Truck Performance, and/or All Chevy Performance, it’ll say the same thing your calendar does (assuming your physical calendar is current!). There’s no timeline tomfoolery here at In The Garage Media! Furthermore, beginning with this very issue you’re holding in your hands—be it paper or via your smartphone/tablet/computer—you can expect to get your fix on a monthly basis … with all three brands! Speaking of brands, that brings me to this month’s update on the sister publication that I’m responsible for producing month in, month out: Classic…

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parts department

01. TREMEC TKX The TKX is not a redesigned TKO. Yes, it’s a five-speed, and yes, it will be replacing the TKO, but all around this is a completely new transmission. Every aspect of this unit has been tweaked and worked over to create a five-speed solution that will perform right there with the Magnum. If you’ve ever owned a TKO you know that it has some drawbacks. The TKO doesn’t like to shift at high rpm, and has a bulky, squared-off case that makes it difficult to fit into some cars without modification. Those key elements have all been addressed with the TKX. The TKX retains the ability to bolt onto many of the GM and Ford four-speed bellhousings, it still allows for custom shifter locations, and retains the ability to…

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1955 chevy gasser

You will hear this often, “It’s all about the backstory.” There are plenty of great-looking hot rods, and if you look a little bit deeper there are some great stories, all of which make up our dreams. Oftentimes making these dreams come true takes lots of time, effort, friends, and luck. Such is the case with Dean Livermore, owner of Hot Rods by Dean (HRBD) in Phoenix, and his 1955 Chevy gasser that represents one of his lifelong dreams. What makes this story so much fun is that I (yes, ol’ Editor Brennan) was along from the beginning. Some of the touch points you will read may be hard to believe but I can tell you it’s all true, every last nut and bolt. Tri-Five Chevys aren’t cheap no matter what condition…

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in the garage: the dave simard story

A true renaissance man amongst hot rodders, Dave Simard of Leominster, Massachusetts, has pretty much seen and done it all over the past five decades. From uncovering some of our hobby’s most sought-after vintage race cars and historical hot rods to restoring them to newfound glory through his business, East Coast Custom, he’s even competed on the salt at Bonneville. We’re barely scratching the surface here, so let’s take a look back at how and where it all got started. It’s a path that evolved through a fascination for early Fords, seeing that his dad was always working on them in the family driveway. By the time he was 12, he was given his very first car, an original-running 1931 Ford Tudor sedan. Not long after, surrounded by a stack of…

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how to select the right hot rod alternator

At one time the demands on an automobile’s electrical system were simple—the engine’s ignition and starting circuits, rudimentary lighting, maybe a heater, and that was about it. But how things have changed. Today the electrical equipment on cars often includes a long list of electron-gobbling devices, such as high-intensity lighting, climate-control systems, engine-cooling fans, fuel pumps, power windows and seats, air suspension compressors, elaborate stereo systems, and more—and we’re not just talking about cars on showroom floors but many contemporary hot rods, too. With the increased number of electronic items being added to hot rods, selecting the proper alternator is critical. To do that, there are some common definitions and terms you should know: In simple terms, electricity is the flow of electrons from one atom to another through a conductor. A…