Modern Rodding Volume 2, Issue 8 May 2021

Modern Rodding is dedicated to early and late hot rodes - from Model Ts to GTOs and everything in-between. It features the latest in custom builds, technical articles, new products, and special features.

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starting over editorial

All of us at some time or another have romped on the throttle and experienced an encounter with another hot rod on the street. It’s all fun and games and we considered it part and parcel of our youth, an integral part of growing up. At least that’s how we justified it. Times haven’t changed, it was as wrong and treacherous then as it is now. Street racing has long been a rite of passage. All of us reading this editorial know of what I speak, regardless of its lack of social responsibility. Our hot rods are more powerful on the whole than the cars driven by the general public. What does all this mean? Our hot rods are like tools: The more proficient you become with a tool the more…

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rodding around industry news

In The Garage: Fred Warren What did you do during your COVID-19 lockdown? Well, longtime and well-known hot rodder Fred Warren from Ohio spent a lot of time in his shop and with the help of the boys from Precision Hot Rods & Fabrication (PHRF) turned out this little gem: a Speed33. Fred is known for any one of a number of hot rods, including his AMBR-winning roadsters in 1995 (Smoothster) and 1999 (Shockwave) and, did we mention, a Ridler winner. PHRF built the custom frame that holds an LS3 with a 4L70 nestled between a Kugel Komponents IFS and IRS fully polished, featuring Wilwood disc brakes all around. More “around the horn” accessories include the Billet Specialties polished 17s in front and 20s in back with Pirelli P Zero rubber, measuring…

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parts department

1.VINTAGE CADDY 429 DISTRIBUTOR Performance Distributors now offers the new D.U.I. (Davis Unified Ignition) Distributors specifically designed for the 429 Cadillac engine built in the ’60s. Performance Distributors calibrates the advance curve on a distributor machine to accommodate the timing requirements of these unique engines. The optimized curve provides instant throttle response and maximum performance throughout your rpm range while protecting your engine from detonation. There are two versions available: a street/strip version fires to 7,000 rpm while the Racing version fires to 10,000 rpm. The distributor comes complete, including the Street/Strip D.U.I. coil (or Racing coil) and Dyna-Module. An additional step that also ensures maximum magnetic pick-up coil power is the hand setting of the endplay between the distributor gear and the distributor housing. Proper lubrication of the D.U.I. distributor, along with…

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l88-powered 1957 chevy 210 Joe and Josh Bailey, a father and son team, are no strangers to hot rods of any make or year; when it comes to Chevys, especially Tri-Fives, these boys “stand tall.” Over the years they have built a number of them. Back in 2015 Joe’s 1956 210 took home the Tri-Five of the Year honors at the American Tri-Five Association’s inaugural event in Bowling Green. The 1956 was Joe’s dream, so this time around it was Josh’s turn to have his dream come true—a 1957 210. He’s always thought of this specific Tri-Five as his favorite. Back when Josh was 9, Joe bought three 1957 Chevy 150 two-door sedans and over the course of time sold two but kept one for Josh. To listen to Josh tell the story, “Well, that…

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1957 ford f-code

Doyle Thomas out of Texas is no stranger to hot rods of all years and makes. This time around he wanted something that was subtle to the eye yet potent when ordered. According to Doyle, “The car had to appear simple and plain and could slip through the night without drawing too much attention. Yet it had to handle the roads and definitely had to have enough power to motivate it when needed!” This 1957 Ford Custom is more than capable of fulfilling its bill of lading. According to builder Mike Rutter of Rutterz Rodz in Bristol, Tennessee, he knew exactly what was needed. In the beginning, the 1957 Ford Custom came from a Texas-based friend of Doyle’s and had been socked away for years in a barn. Yet it was…

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traditional or modern traditional build?

It sounds like an oxymoron—“modern traditional”—but that appears to be what’s going on today when we take a knowledgeable look at what appears to be old-timey hot rods running the streets. There’s nothing like a traditional-built car. While traditional builds are true to form, adhering to the old-time look and performance via nostalgia parts and pieces, there’s also the modern-traditional build that visually replicates the bygone era look but taking “license” as to what’s required to get the job done for today’s look and performance. And that’s where we find ourselves when taking a look at effectively the same car before us but with notable changes. A quick inspection tells us they aren’t the same, with each getting its own “point” across. In our story the basis for both hot rods…