Modern Rodding Volume 2, Issue 12 September 2021

Modern Rodding is dedicated to early and late hot rodes - from Model Ts to GTOs and everything in-between. It features the latest in custom builds, technical articles, new products, and special features.

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starting over editorial

Where Are My Parts? I’m sure all of us thought 2020 was going to be a disastrous year—and it was on many levels—yet somewhere in our “storm cloud” there was a glimmer of hope. At the same time, those of us here at In The Garage Media have managed to keep the car magazine print (and digital) industry going forward, thankfully to you our readers and supporters. At the same time many hot rod parts manufacturers and builders thought it too would be a hard year, which it was, but overall, it has proven to be a favorable year for the industry. Look overhead at the storm clouds and I believe you will see the silver lining. Our industry’s silver lining makes its presence known in Modern Rodding’s continued success and that…

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rodding around

Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed Voted #1 Museums and hot rodders go hand-in-hand. It’s our history and it gives us a look into the way things were and the way things were done back in the day. Unfortunately, the majority of us don’t have the wherewithal to have a museum somewhere close by. While there are a number of interesting museums across this country there’s one in particular that should make any hot rodder extremely happy. The Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed was recently recognized as one of the 10 Best Reader’s Choice–Best Attraction for Car Lovers. We would have to agree wholeheartedly. Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, it’s the home to over 150,000 square feet of display space covering three levels. For those of you who have been there you know…

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parts department

1. 31 GEAR SHIFT KNOB Count them if you wish or trust CON2R when they say there are 490 teeth on the 31 precision machined, rotating brass gears on this incredible gearshift knob they just released. When the gears are stationary, looking at this mechanical piece of art is intriguing, but when they are turning in unison it is nothing short of mesmerizing. At the core is an irregular icosidodecahedron hub that precisely positions each gear for attachment with a miniature bushing and socket head bolt, which creates a 2-inch od for the knob. If you don’t break out the Brasso to keep them shiny, the gears will develop their own unique patina over time. These knobs have a 3/8x16-inch mounting thread and to make it easy to get the gears turning, a custom spanner…

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1932 ford five-window

How does a guy who restores Italian exotics end up with a 1932 Ford? “My dad was an autobody man for a shop in Queens (New York),” Chuck Wray says. “We didn’t have much money. So I read used hot rod magazines that I got from the guys in the shop and I fell in love with the hot rods I saw in the little books, like Rod & Custom and Rodding and Restyling. I liked that late-’50s/early-’60s look. “I became a restorer,” Chuck continues, “mostly working on Italian exotics. Back in 1995, you [Ken Gross] wrote an article in The Rodder’s Journal about a chopped-and-channeled 1932 five-window highboy coupe that was built by Donn Lowe in Oregon. When I saw that car I was just blown away. I wanted to build…

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heritage series a/c and heat For the longest time air conditioning was a dream that many an early hot rodder didn’t have—in fact, couldn’t have—on their early iron. As times changed air conditioning worked its way onto all forms of transportation to the point it’s almost impossible to purchase any car or truck today that doesn’t have a sophisticated cooling and heating system. Even so, hot rods and A/C were still distant cousins. However, over time Vintage Air (VA), serving the rodding community since the mid ’70s, made it “kool to be cool.” In fact, Vintage Air founder Jack Chisenhall proved a point back in 1995 by taking his 1953 Studebaker (initially begun at the hands of the late Jim Ewing of Super Bell Axle Company) and stuffed a 705-inch Chevy into it and cranked out…