Modern Rodding Volume 2, Issue 14 November 2021

Modern Rodding is dedicated to early and late hot rodes - from Model Ts to GTOs and everything in-between. It features the latest in custom builds, technical articles, new products, and special features.

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starting over editorial

It’s time to wrap up 2021, and for all it’s been a year worth remembering. On behalf of most of us it was a better year than 2020 but not quite where we would have liked it to be. I sheltered plenty of apprehension as I still couldn’t get out and about like in the “old days.” There was this lingering and continual heightened awareness, which I am sure all of us shared. However, I believe I have just taken my first full and deep breath in nearly two years. Life, you know the one where we have a family to watch over, a yard to mow, a dog to walk, a cat to answer to, and (in my case) grandkids to smile over–that life. All the normal things we have…

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rodding around

Barrett-Jackson Helps Raise $1 Million for Honor Flight Network It’s about time but we as a nation, and individuals, are finally realizing it’s time to help those who help so many of us. Barrett-Jackson is no stranger to car auctions and lending a helping hand to many charities and worthwhile causes. Charitable auctions are a mainstay at Barrett-Jackson events as the auction company has helped raise over $135 million for non-profit organizations to date. Recently the inaugural Barrett-Jackson Houston event was held and while all of the “good things” that happen at any car auction took place there was one in particular that really stands out. A ’56 Chevy 150 that spent its life as a U.S. Army sedan came up for auction. The goal was to use it to help…

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parts department

1. E3 SPARK PLUGS INTRODUCES E3 LITHIUM BATTERIES E3 Spark Plugs announced the introduction of a line of ultra-lightweight lithium iron phosphate starter batteries. Born from cutting-edge nanoscale materials, these batteries were chosen by the world’s supercar manufacturers and proven on the Formula 1 and NASCAR podiums. Initially, the product line features nine offerings, covering applications for hot rods and street rods, motorsports, powersports, and marine. The two flagship batteries are the SuperLite 1200 and the SuperLite 1600. The SuperLite 1200 is a 13.2V, 1200 Pulse Cranking Amp battery that features 24.8 amp hours of capacity but weighs a feather-light 6.9 pounds (3.1 Kg). The larger SuperLite 1600, also known as The Beast, puts out a whopping 1,600 pulse cranking amps and has 32 amp hours of capacity. Thanks to its custom…

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1965 corvair

We could have easily titled this story “Pull Me Over Red” as that truly is the Chevrolet name of this factory color. But alas we didn’t give way and stayed the course as to what the ’65 Corvair Corsa really is–a RareVair. (The Corsa is to the Corvair what the SS is to the Chevrolet line.) If you have followed along the past two issues of Modern Rodding you will be aware of the construction articles penned by Ron Ceridono on this RareVair. What was once an old and tired ’65 Corvair is now resurrected into a ’65 RareVair brimming full with great ideas, amazing craftsmanship, and nifty parts all from the fertile mind of Lonnie Gilbertson of Oregon. A quick visit to the web and you will find Lonnie’s Place…

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art morrison bikini clip

It’s been fascinating to witness the changes that have taken place in hot rodding over the years—most notably the inclusion of cars that at one time would not have been considered to be raw material to build a legitimate hot rod. While the foundation of the hobby was based on cars of the ’40s and earlier, the interest in vehicles produced during the ’50s and ’60s continues to grow— and some of the coolest of them all are station wagons. A case in point is Colin and Sue Radford’s ’57 Ford Del Rio Ranch Wagon. Two-door wagons, like the Radfords’ long roof, can be cool cruisers and utilitarian to boot. What a great way to haul family and friends to a show, a swap meet, or just go for a cruise.…

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1939 mercury custom

While this story is about a ’39 Merc mild custom, it’s also as much about the owner Dennis Varni. Dennis is no stranger to hot rodding, swap meets, Bonneville, or the Bay Area Roadsters. He’s been part of all aspects of the rodding life for most of his “many” years on this planet. Nonetheless, if there ever were a rodder who all of us should meet it’s Dennis. To say “he’s done it all” may be hyperbole but it isn’t too far from the truth. And we aren’t kidding about the North Pole–really. Dennis is proud of his ’39 Merc mild custom, and why shouldn’t he be? It’s one of many that are neatly tucked away in his shop full of cars of varying years, makes, and models, which includes his…