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More of Our Canada

More of Our Canada

January 2020

More of Our Canada is a companion magazine to Our Canada, the popular reader-written bimonthly published by Reader's Digest. Made available during the six months that Our Canada is not published, MOC is a venue where Canadians gather to share their stories, photos and interests—and pride of family, community and country.

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A Touching Legacy I recently received the issue of Our Canada with the story I wrote about my late father Maurice Lafontaine’s train collection, “On the Right Track” (October-November 2019). I am so pleased with the writeup and the photos that were selected for the layout. I’ve even organized a little gathering to show my family the article and the pics—I am sure they will love it. At the same time, we are remembering the passing of my father; it’s already been two years. I know he would be proud of this story. Thank you for the beautiful work. Roger Lafontaine, Cornwall, Ont. Cover Shot I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you for publishing my photo on the cover of the October-November 2019 issue of Our Canada—it looks beautiful!…

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contributor spotlight

RICHARD MAIN A photography enthusiast who enjoys all aspects of creating an image with a camera as his tool, Richard says that photography is a creative process from the initial composition—capturing a sense of what he felt while snapping the photo—to the final processed image. Check out his work in this issue’s photo essay Winter Land on page 8. While pursuing his passion, Richard also makes time to enjoy the gifts that only five grandchildren can bring. He makes his home in Thunder Bay, near the great Gitche Gumee (Lake Superior), which offers residents and visitors alike a unique perspective on Canada’s four distinct seasons. GARRY GARBUTT Garry has lived in Vernon, B.C., for most of his life. Now retired, he and his wife Linda have two adult sons. Garry’s early interest in…

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welcome to the 2020s

Whether you’re out celebrating with friends and family at the local gathering spot, attending a formal gala event, hosting a house party or simply enjoying a quiet evening with a loved one, ringing in the new year is always special. This year, of course, we get to ring in an entire new decade, but before we do, I’d like to take a moment to thank you for your continuing interest and involvement in Our Canada and More of Our Canada. Launched in 2004 and 2008 respectively, both magazines owe their ongoing success and popularity to you, our readers. Not only do a remarkable number of you so willingly share your memories, experiences and talents with your fellow Canadians and, according to our surveys, read every issue from cover to cover, you…

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more of our canada

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vernon b. barr

Vernon Beverly Barr was born on November 11, 1921, in Coburn, York County, N.B._ “Verne” joined the 13th Field Regiment of the 3rd Canadian Division (Signals Corps) on June 20, 1940, and sailed for Britain aboard the SS Orion in July 1941. He was part of the first wave during the D-Day invasion at Normandy. He was wounded and decorated during the subsequent liberation of Holland. “I thought if we were going to win this war, everybody would have to pitch in… You knew that the (D-Day) landing would probably be just like practice, except a lot more vicious. It was.” After the war, he married Ruth Sawyer, also a war veteran (pictured with Verne at bottom left) and the couple raised a family of three children. Verne passed away on October…

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winter land

Winter—sigh. What can I say? My initial thoughts turn to the cold, lack of light and, yes, the snow. Even the cheerful lights on the back of the snowplow fail to lighten my mood. They say that the perception of beauty is subjective, however. In other words, if I am not there to witness winter, is it still miserable? Reflecting on this thought would indicate that I control my emotional reaction to winter. I only need to look deeper to understand and appreciate what is in front of me. This is true for almost all aspects of life and even how we choose to view each other. I can choose to see the best or worst of what is in front of me. To truly see beauty, I must challenge myself…