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Mother Jones July/August 2019

Mother Jones is a nonprofit news organization with a bi-monthly magazine that delivers bold and original reporting on the urgent issues of our day, from politics and climate change to education and the food we eat. We investigate stories that are in the public’s interest. From revelatory scoops to deep-dive investigations, Mother Jones journalism is award-winning storytelling that informs and inspires 10 million monthly readers.

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Mother Jones Washington, DC, Bureau Chief DAVID CORN is the co-author of Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin’s War on America and the Election of Donald Trump. After covering Russiagate for years, he thought he needed a breather and turned his attention to…climate change (“Weight of the World,” page 18). He quickly realized he was covering another story where reality and fundamental facts are denied by people in power. Brooklyn-based photographer DEVIN YALKIN grappled with his fear of falling to climb a slippery cliff along Bodega Bay, in Northern California, and capture an image of the waves crashing against the rocks beneath him (page 18). His black-and-white photographs have been published in the New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, and Rolling Stone. He is currently at work on a…

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corruption isn't just another scandal. it's the rot at the core.

THERE’S AN INFAMOUS SAYING often attributed to Josef Stalin: One death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic. In the Trump administration, you might say: One scandal is an outrage, a million scandals is the new normal. That’s something we’re thinking about as we work on how Mother Jones can most effectively cover the critical 16 months ahead. What do you, our readers, need us to do to get beyond the day-to-day crazy and show the full picture? Where can our work have the most impact? There’s an idea we keep coming back to, and to illustrate it, we wanted to open the box a bit about the way MoJo journalists work. Rewind for a minute to early March. Amid the buzz and speculation about the impending Mueller report, the…

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left in the dark

THE LAST BUS of the day pulls away from the parking lot outside the Santa Rita Jail in Dublin, California, at 8:43 p.m. Twenty minutes later, a young woman pulls up the hood of her dark jacket, pushes open the jail lobby’s heavy door, and steps out into the night, looking for a cigarette. Leah, as I’ll call her, is not the only just-released inmate trying to score a smoke. “Who’s got a fucking cigarette?” yells a man bursting through the door behind her. Near the bus stop, Leah finds a butt burned almost all the way to the filter. Clutching it, she approaches me for a lighter. I don’t have one; I offer her my cellphone instead. Leah, whose voice is shaking, wants to call her mom. She’s planning to…

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patriot games

IF YOU’VE SPENT enough time on the internet over the last three years, you’ve probably come across Scott Dworkin, a.k.a. @funder. The 36-year-old is the cofounder of a super-PAC called the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, a podcast host, and an occasional guest on MSNBC who devotes much of his life to tweeting about, and sometimes at, President Donald Trump. In Dworkin’s feed, Republicans are guilty of “treason,” the resistance is always winning, and the end of the Trump presidency is imminent. (August 20, 2017: “My guess: Trump will resign in the next 2 weeks.”) When I told him I was working on a story about his group, he emailed back almost immediately with a link to a Medium post documenting its successes—including a list of dozens of trending hashtags it…

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time for some name theory

BRIAN AND ED KRASSENSTEIN Credentials: Twins, cryptocurrency speculators, and Florida men once raided by the feds as part of a possible fraud investigation Known for: Inserting themselves into Trump’s Twitter replies Profit center: A $19 donation to their Patreon account to fund their podcast, The KrassenCast, gets you a copy of their satirical children’s book, How the People Trumped Ronald Plump. SETH ABRAMSON Credentials: Creative writing professor, poet Known for: Extremely long Twitter threads about collusion. Wrote a 451-tweet thread in response to Mueller report. Profit center: His New York Times bestseller Proof of Collusion. (A sequel, Proof of Conspiracy, is out this summer.) LOUISE MENSCH Credentials: Former Tory MP and author of the novel Sparkles Known for: First reporting that Trump aides had been snared in a FISA wiretap. (Whoa!) First reporting that Steve Bannon might face the death…

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thou shalt not till

IN EARLY MARCH, just a week before the Midwest was inundated by catastrophic flooding, a dozen farmers gathered at the First Presbyterian Church in Grinnell, Iowa, for an event billed as a conversation about “Faith, Farmers, and Climate Action.” “How is God calling you to use your farm to improve the world?” asked the evening’s facilitator, Matt Russell. “We’ve got this narrowing window of time in which we can act,” he said. “When we think about climate action—are you feeling any call to that?” Russell directs the Iowa branch of Interfaith Power and Light, a nonprofit that promotes a religious response to global warming. A fifth-generation farmer who runs a livestock operation with his husband in nearby Lacona, Iowa, the 48-year-old nearly became a Catholic priest in his twenties but then…