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Motorcycle Classics July - August 2020

Motorcycle Classics is the authoritative voice of America’s growing classic motorcycle community and the premier magazine for collectors and enthusiasts. Following the latest news and trends, and featuring in-depth reviews and riding impressions – with full technical profiles and value assessments – of classic motorcycles from every continent, Motorcycle Classics brings yesterday’s bikes into focus for today’s classic motorcycle aficionados.

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time to ride

By the time you receive this issue, it will be mid-June. With any luck, it's warm where you are and your bikes have had all the maintenance they need to be ready for a summer and a fall full of riding. It's tough to know what events will or won't take place this year. Individual states and counties continue to decide what size of groups can gather as we proceed through what has surely been one of the most unpredictable years I've ever seen. But whether there are events to attend or not, if your bike and your gear are ready, it's time to go, somewhere, anywhere. I find even short solo rides can be a great cure for what ails you. I'm lucky to be about 15 minutes away from…

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1969 honda z50/$4,950

While prices were all over the place for Honda Z50s at the January 2020 Vegas motorcycle auctions, this 1969 Z50A is a fair representative of the middle of the market. Sold on a bill of sale, this first-year model came from the Bob Weaver collection. While the listing doesn’t say if it’s original or restored, we’d hazard a guess at the bike being a pretty decent restoration. At Mecum, prices ranged from $2,475 for a 1969 Z50 restored and bored out to 88cc, to $6,600 paid for another 1969 Z50, which was all original down to the original tires and some early paperwork. The most expensive 1968-1978 Z50 was the$20,900 price paid for a 1969 Z50 given to actor Mitch Vogel by Steve McQueen, which wears Von Dutch custom paint…

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monkey time: 1968-1978 honda z50a minibike

No one who stopped by the motorcycle auctions in Las Vegas this past January could have failed to notice the large number of minibikes for sale. Most were Hondas, and many of those were from the Northwest 100 Collection based at the LeMay automobile museum in Tacoma, Washington. Of course, homemade minibikes have been around since the first creative gearhead attached a lawnmower motor to a kids’ bike. But it was the special transportation needs of wartime that inspired a production minibike. The Welbike was designed in World War II specifically for battlefield communications and transport. It used a 98cc Villiers 2-stroke engine in a rigid frame with a retractable seat and folding handlebars. With a full gas tank, it was packed into a metal drop canister and parachuted to the battlefield…

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mini bike alternatives to the honda z50

1968-1973 Benelli Dynamo The Benelli Dynamo Trail and Compact were manufactured in Pesaro, Italy, imported into the U.S. by Cosmopolitan Motors, and sold initially through J.C. Penney. Both models used a 50cc (59cc from 1970) 2-stroke single-cylinder engine with a 4-speed foot-shift transmission and high-level exhaust. Both models used a spine frame with front telescopic and rear swinging arm suspension. The Trail was fitted with 3.0 x 10-inch wheels, knobby tires, an engine bash plate, and was geared lower with a large rear drive sprocket. The on-road Compact wore 3.5 x 8-inch street tires. Both came fully street-legal with a horn, a speedometer and a lighting kit. Cosmopolitan claimed the Dynamo Trail version could cover all types of terrain with two passengers. A third version for offroad use only was also available…

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classic scene

The Antique Motorcycle Club of America has been around for 63 years, making it something of an antique itself. With over 11,000 members in more than 70 chapters across the U.S., Canada and Mexico, it must also be the biggest club of its kind. The Club organizes numerous National Meets and Road Runs each year, but individual chapters also put on regional events — like the Southern California chapter’s annual Winter Road Run. Riding opportunities are a bit thin in early March in much of North America, but not so around the Anza-Borrego Desert in Southern California, where temperatures can climb into the 80s in early Spring. The Desert is close to the Salton Sea, one of the lowest points in the nation at-236 feet — and one of the hottest. Getting going On…

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from rust to glory

Don Smith’s neighbor in Appleton, Wisconsin, was a bit of a hoarder. While that might put some people off, not Don “He had two large barns,” Don explains, and continues, “he was a racing fan, and something of a hoarder of parts and machines, including pieces of race-crashed Ferraris and all kinds of motorcycles. There was a tremendous amount of interesting stuff in those barns.” And outside, too. A grainy snapshot Don took in the late 1990s shows a weather-worn 1965 Ducati Mach 1 with a Suzuki for company strapped to a motorcycle trailer. Clearly, both were quickly becoming one with the landscape. Weeds and rust were doing their best to reclaim them, but Don wasn’t about to let that happen, especially to the 250cc Ducati. Don had known his neighbor since grade…