Muscle & Fitness Hers South Africa Autumn 2020

Essential reading for dedicated fitness enthusiasts and competitive athletes.

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jaime lee

She has a background in ballet. In addition to studying at Focus Personal Training Institute of Manhattan, she's an ACE certified personal trainer. Her areas of expertise include Precision Nutrition Level 1, Pre/Post Natal and CPR/AED. She has also competed in 18 National and International shows. EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN SPECIAL STORY ABOUT HOW THEY GOT INVOLVED IN HEALTH AND FITNESS. COULD YOU TELL US A LITTLE BIT ABOUT YOUR JOURNEY TO WHERE YOU ARE TODAY? A decade ago, I was 30 lbs. overweight and I decided to get myself a personal trainer. I learned so much from my trainer, and got in the best shape of my life and lost all of the weight I had gained. I felt amazing! After that life changing experience, I decided to change my habits, and…

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master the chinup

WHEN IT COMES TO BODY-WEIGHT exercises, few are as challenging as the chinup. In one pull you’ll work your back (primarily the lats), arms (mostly the biceps), shoulders, and core. “It’s one of the best body-weight exercises you can include in your exercise regimen because you’re pulling all your weight vertically, which requires both strength and body control,” says Christian M. Valvano, C.F.S.C., a performance specialist with Parabolic Performance and Rehabilitation in Montclair, NJ. Can’t do one just yet? Follow the progressions below to build strength and train movement patterns so you can soon master the move. START HERE HALF-KNEELING, SINGLE-ARM CABLE PULLDOWN “Starting close to the ground means you have more stability but are still able to build strength in the core and upper body while training to pull from an overhead position…

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a chinup consult

1. Place hands about shoulder-width apart on the bar, palms facing body. Using a stepping stool or box can help you get into the right position. Step off the box or stool with control (don’t allow your body to swing) and hang fully down. Brace your glutes and the front of your core to help prevent overextension of the lower back. 2. Pull your elbows toward your hips, keeping a neutral spine throughout the entire movement. Keep your chin tucked throughout the vertical pulling motion. 3. Lower yourself with control until just before locking out elbows in starting position.…

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5 reasons your hip bridge sucks

WEAK GLUTES can mean more than just weaker lifts. One study published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science found that subjects who trained their glutes reduced the feeling of back pain and increased lumbar stability. As for the best move to hit your butt, you can’t do much better than the barbell hip bridge. It allows you to load your glutes directly, but making any of the minor mistakes listed below can lead to not-so-minor injuries. Read up to ensure you don’t make an ass out of yourself.…

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barbell hip bridge blunders

1 YOU SET UP WRONG The bench should be set below your shoulder blades when sitting. And ensure that your feet are far enough away from you so that your shins are perpendicular to the floor at the top or you won’t get a contraction in your hamstrings. 2 YOU STRAIN YOUR NECK When performing the move, your head should be in line with the rest of your body. If your hips lower but your shoulders and head stay on the bench, you’re straining your neck and also putting your spine up in a compromising position. 3 YOU DON’T PUSH THROUGH YOUR HEELS Driving through your toes, not your heels, can lead to knee pain and back arching. The fix is simple: Be aware of how you’re lifting the weight each rep and ensure you’re…

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take a dive

IF A SWIMSUIT IS SOMETHING YOU WEAR ONLY TO sit by the pool, it may be time to get it wet. Swimming is a great way to recover after a hard strength day or to get in some fat-burning cardio. In fact, a study in the International Journal of Sports Medicine found that athletes who hit the pool for a moderate workout on a recovery day were able to subsequently work out longer than those who took it easy. “Getting into the pool can help start that active recovery process,” explains Hannah Caldas, a coach with CrossFit Anywhere in Folsom, CA, and a former member of the Portuguese national swim team. “You’re flushing out some of the lactic acid while helping your muscle fibers recover.” Water is low impact and…