Muscle & Fitness Hers South Africa January - February 2021

Essential reading for dedicated fitness enthusiasts and competitive athletes.

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hot list

NUTRITION USN B4-BURN B4-Burn Sherbet is a thermogenic, powerful pre-workout formulated with patented ingredients to boost energy and stamina while aiding weight loss and toning. R264, BIOGEN LEAN AMINOS Biogen Lean Aminos has been specially formulated by women, for women. The unique blend of BCAAs, essential amino acids, and ingredients has been designed to support energy, endurance and focus required to improve overall physical performance before, during and after training. The added L-Carnitine and Chromium may also support the breakdown of body fat and convert it into usable energy. Plus, it’s available in three delicious flavours: Icy Blue Raspberry, Island Punch and Litchi-Strawberry. R289.95, GEAR UNDER ARMOUR Under Armour has announced the launch of their latest technology in footwear. UA THREADBORNE BLUR is a global release of a technical running shoe built for speed. From its lightweight…

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the future of fitness

This issue we get candid with the beautiful and multi-talented Russian-born fitness model Katrina Huroni who shares her fitness journey with us. Katrina is currently a certified yoga instructor, health coach and fitness addict who loves spending her time training, swimming, playing tennis and dancing. She believes that true happiness and balance comes from both a strong body and a strong mind. Here, Katrina shares her story on how she got started on her spiritual mission, what motivates her to achieve her goals and how she'll continue building herself and her fitness career well into the future! It's a pleasure to have you Katrina. Could you tell us what inspired you to start your journey into fitness and what are some of your most memorable moments? My fitness life started when…

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wonder woman

There’s nothing Jessie Graff likes to do more than to defy gravity. Whether she’s scaling 15-foot-high walls, jumping nearly five feet in the air, or hanging from ledges the width of a ruler, the 34-year-old American Ninja Warrior queen and professional stuntwoman appears to have superhuman strength and power. But while her natural tenacity and hyperfocus on being her best help, Graff works hard to make things look so easy. “Almost all your physical success comes from your thought process.” As one of the top obstacle competitors on the planet — male or female — Graff is constantly looking for new ways to train. The entryway of her Southern California home in the US is a 360-degree gym, complete with climbing walls, padded floors, and hanging bars. She’s even got a backyard…

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build strong abs

STABILITY BALL CRUNCH: (3x25–30) Place ball on the small of your back and crunch up, lightly supporting head with hands. RUNNER CRUNCH: (3x20 PER SIDE) Lie face-up with legs extended, right arm next to head. Sit up, bringing right elbow to front of right leg; at the same time, bend left knee toward chest. Lower; switch sides and repeat. STRAIGHT-LEG RAISE: (3x25) Slowly raise legs perpendicular to floor; control the movement as you lower them down. SIDE PLANK CRUNCH: (3x20 PER SIDE) Begin in a side plank, feet stacked and shoulders over bottom elbow. Dip torso a few inches toward floor; return to neutral position and repeat. PLANK HOLD: (3x30 SECONDS) Get into a plank position. Keep abs tight, forming a straight line from head to heels. AROUND-THE-WORLD PLANK: (4x5) Start in a full plank. Lift and lower left arm, then…

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5 reasons you’re not nailing the push press

THE PUSH PRESS is an often-overlooked exercise by many that, if done correctly, can help build a ridiculously strong and balanced upper body. Compared with a standard military press, the leg drive used in this move also allows you to use more weight and get a greater muscular response. Unfortunately, most people don’t do it right. Here are five reasons you might be struggling with the exercise — and how to perfect your form. 1 YOUR KNEES SHOOT FORWARD If your knees shoot forward when you dip, your hips may not drop straight down to transfer maximal force. Push your knees outward, as with a squat, to power back up. 2 BAR PLACEMENT IS WRONG The bar should rest on your shoulders and clavicle. This lines the weight up with your hips so that…

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pop it off

BUILD LOWER-BODY strength, increase power, and rev your metabolism with this all-in-one plyo move — the pop squat. There’s no equipment required, so you can do it anywhere, anytime. And there’s one more bonus this exercise gives you that you won’t get in other plyometric squats. “Since you have to cross your legs as you jump up, you’ll activate the inner thigh muscles more than you would with a regular squat”, says trainer Cari Shoemate, founder of Houston’s Bombshell Bootcamp in the US. Add three to four sets of 10 to 12 reps into your next leg day to round out your strength session or use pop squats at the end of any workout for a high-intensity cardio burst. Shoemate has clients do 40 to 50 reps to blast fat and get…