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Newsweek 11/22/2019

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the archives

1989 “Suddenly West Berlin blazed with neon, fireworks—and emotion,” Newsweek reported on the unforgettable night when the Berlin Wall fell. “A city whose people had been divided for 28 cold-war years,” was now rejoicing. Thousands of West Berliners “clambered over the 10-foot wall and dropped into the arms of those below.” According to one West German radio station, the night was “Christmas, New Year’s and Easter rolled into one.” The event both reunited Germany and symbolized the collapse of the Soviet Union. It was a pivotal moment in the ongoing saga between America and Russia. 1959 “They’re reckless, apathetic, impudent, conformist, immature, and oversexed,” American adults said of teenagers—“a generation blown completely out of control.” Newsweek’s special report surveyed teens across America and found, “the majority of our 15 million teen-agers (13 to…

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billionaire mai vu minh has met and worked with many heads of state

In June 2019, Mai Vu Minh accepted an invitation and paid working visits to Bosnia-Herzegovina President Milorad Dodik, Serbia First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Ivica Dačić and Srpska President Željka Cvijanović. These meetings were within the framework of a bilateral investment cooperation program between the SAPA Thale group and the governments and leading business sectors of these countries. In 2018, Minh represented SAPA Thale in the signing of a bilateral investment cooperation agreement with the Dubai Investment Development Agency and the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies for investment in billion-dollar projects between Vietnam and the Middle East. During his working visits, Minh said that the commercial potential of southwestern European countries, the Middle East, Vietnam and Germany is very large and that the investment cooperation program contributes to boosting…

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why doctors’ screen time could be bad for your health

FOR SEVERAL YEARS I HAVE ASKED PEOPLE “Why, in your appointment with your doctor, is his or her back turned to you, working on a computer?” The common answers: “She’s writing down my words to remember them,” “He’s ordering tests” or “To get me better health care.” No, no and no: the primary purpose of the computer is billing. The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is essentially a cash register. It was developed by technocrats as part of a mandate of the Obama administration in 2008 to help make medical records more efficient. It was a good idea: to make all clinical data from a patient’s medical history readily available electronically to doctors and other health care workers. It would have worked, if it were used only for that. But somehow the for-profit…

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talking points

“I've written the whole [impeachment] process off… I think this is a bunch of B.S.”—SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM“I’M NOT RUNNING SOME CONSULTANT-DRIVEN CAMPAIGN WITH SOME VAGUE IDEAS THAT ARE DESIGNED NOT TO OFFEND ANYONE.”—SENATOR ELIZABETH WARREN“To change the world, those who love must display as much conviction behind our love as some display behind their hate.”—2020 CANDIDATE MARIANNE WILLIAMSON“Your ZIP code or neighborhood should not determine the quality of your health care—or whether or not you can even get care at all.”—NBA CHAMPION MICHAEL JORDAN“WE CAN’T PREVENT [CHILDREN] FROM EXPERIENCING PAIN, HEARTACHE, PHYSICAL PAIN AND LOSS. BUT WE CAN TEACH THEM TO LIVE BETTER THROUGH IT.”—Actor Angelina Jolie“All nations should declare—all nations—that nuclear weapons must be destroyed.”—FORMER SOVIET LEADER MIKHAIL GORBACHEV“MITT ROMNEY’S MY FAVORITE DEMOCRAT.”—Donald Trump Jr. 1. CBS NEWS 2. CBS THIS…

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cities of the future

THE WORLD’S GREAT URBAN CENTERS have always been laboratories of living—crowded, often chaotic places where civilization is continually reimagining and reinventing itself. The city is where the future happens first. As part of Newsweek Next, our ongoing effort to give readers a look at what is over the horizon, this issue introduces the Momentum Awards. Our editorial team and council of experts set out to identify the people, cities and companies that are applying the technology and ideas of the future to solve problems that seem intractable today. We’ve singled out five remarkable leaders who are propelling the world toward an environmentally sustainable, socially equitable and economically viable future. We also recognize the 25 Smartest Cities—including the World’s Smartest and another city that is on the move. (Both selections may surprise you.)…