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Nyheter og politikk

Newsweek 1/3-1/17/2020

Newsweek magazine is able to fill the gaps when a story has passed and is able to come up with insight or synthesis that connects the cracking, confusing digitals dots in today's fast paced news cycle. Topics regularly covered include politics and government, business and entertainment, health and nutrition, science and technology, money and culture. Get Newsweek digital magazine subscription today.

United States
The Newsweek/Daily Beast Company LLC
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GLOBAL EDITOR-IN-CHIEF _ Nancy Cooper CREATIVE DIRECTOR _ Michael Goesele EDITORIAL DIRECTOR _ Hank Gilman EXECUTIVE EDITOR _ Diane Harris DIGITAL DIRECTOR _ Laura Davis US NEWS DIRECTOR _ Juliana Pignataro MANAGING EDITOR _ Melissa Jewsbury SPECIAL PROJECTS EDITOR _ Fred Guterl EDITORIAL Senior Editors _ Tufayel Ahmed, Peter Carbonara, Tara Francis Chan, Erika Hobbs, Meredith Wolf Schizer Deputy Editors _ Jennifer Doherty, Christopher Groux (Gaming), Matt Keeley (Night), Scott McDonald (Sports), Donica Phifer, Christina Zhao Associate Editors _ David Chiu, James Etherington-Smith, Hannah Osborne (Science), Dom Passantino London Sub-Editor _ Hannah Partos Copy Chief _ Elizabeth Rhodes Ernst Contributing Editor, Opinion _ Lee Habeeb Editorial Assistant _ Emmy Espinal CREATIVE Director of Photography _ Diane Rice Contributing Art Director _ Michael Bessire Associate Art Director _ Paul Naughton Digital Imaging Specialist _ Katy Lyness Art Assistant _ Elizaveta Galkina WRITERS Steven Asarch, David Brennan, Nina Burleigh, Dan Cancian, Brendan Cole, Shane Croucher,…

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the archives

1967 “At almost any hour that urban Americans are on the move, there is an anthem of gnashing teeth,” Newsweek reported on the growing “agony of getting anywhere” for city dwellers. In “no other society has man deployed so many wheels: they enable him to live in one place, work in another, and vacation anywhere he chooses.” On the road, “automobiles choke the expressways.” Ever-more beleaguered today by increased congestion and pollution, a new age of smart technology aims to alleviate these historic challenges—such as ride-sharing services and autonomous vehicles. 1980 After Meryl Streep’s stunning performance in Kramer vs. Kramer, Newsweek predicted she “may become the strongest performer of her generation” and “rival the power of such male stars as [Dustin] Hoffman, Jack Nicholson, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.” Indeed, Streep has…

11 min.
who is john durham?

JOHN HENRY DURHAM, THE U.S. ATTORNEY for Connecticut, is a self-effacing, modest, deeply religious, hard-working prosecutor. Unlike a fair number of U.S. attorneys across the country, he also shuns the limelight relentlessly, even though, on several occasions through a storied career, the limelight has nonetheless found him. But not like this. Not like now. Appointed by Donald Trump to lead Connecticut’s U.S. attorney’s office in 2017, Durham was tapped by Attorney General William Barr in May of this year to investigate the origins of the investigation into candidate and then President Donald Trump—and his alleged ties to Russia. Depending on where you fall on the red-to-blue spectrum, this makes him either an avenging angel, come to right the wrongs inflicted on Donald Trump by an evil deep state—or a deeply untrustworthy partisan…

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talking points

“It is a terrible thing you are doing, but you will have to live with it, not I!”—PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP’S ANTI-IMPEACHMENT LETTER TO HOUSE SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI“NEWSFLASH: YOU CAN TALK ABOUT IMPEACHMENT [WITHOUT] TAGGING ME.”—MONICA LEWINSKY“Those are not alleged facts, those are not alternative facts…They are established by the bank records themselves.”—FEDERAL JUDGE AMY BERMAN JACKSON SENTENCING FORMER TRUMP CAMPAIGN AIDE RICK GATES“Maybe that’s how you get the U.S. government to put money into things like healthcare or teachers…just tell them the Taliban is there.”—HOST TREVOR NOAH“I WANT TO BE A WORKING ACTOR. AND I CURRENTLY AM UNEMPLOYED, SO I’M NOT SUCCEEDING RIGHT NOW.”—Star Wars lead actor Daisy Ridley“The first thing I said was, ‘I can’t, I’m Canadian. I can’t go accept an Icon award.’ Yet I’m also Canadian so…

4 min.
no planet, no politics

THE BEST WAY TO FIGHT THE rising far right is to go green. That’s what dozens of academics, researchers and activists told me over the course of 80 interviews this year. Over the last decade, the radical right has come to power in the U.S., Brazil, India, Poland, Hungary and elsewhere. It has joined forces with autocrats in Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Thailand to create a new illiberal ecosystem. Together, they are challenging the rule of law, democratic governance and the gains made by social movements that have expanded the rights of women and minorities. The radical right has appealed to all those who feel threat-ened by the more rapid movement of capital and people across borders. The center parties that have pushed this project of globalization have lost at…

12 min.
after elizabeth

THE LATEST BRITISH ROYAL DRAMA HAS MORE plot twists than the juiciest episode of The Crown, the hit Netflix series chronicling the life of Queen Elizabeth II. Only this real-life saga might more aptly be called As the Crown Turns, with a cast of characters and story developments to rival the most compelling soap opera. There’s Andrew, the queen’s second son, embroiled in a sex scandal involving underage girls and an accused human trafficker who died in prison—you know, the prince who recently gave an interview on British television trying, and spectacularly failing, to repair his damaged reputation. There’s his older brother, Charles, heir to the throne, reportedly wielding his influence behind the scenes to oust his disgraced sibling from royal duties and consolidate power for himself and his sons. Also…