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Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition

Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition August 2020

Official PlayStation Magazine is the complete guide to PlayStation gaming, offering complete coverage of PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. Famed for our trademark biting opinion, unique spin on news, offbeat, innovative features, independent reviews and retro features - and with PS4 the unquestionable victor for new-gen gaming - there's never been a better time to join Team OPM on our PlayStation journey.

United Kingdom
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“WE ROUND THE UP THE NEW GAMES YOU WILL ONLY BE ABLE TO PLAY ON YOUR NEXT-GEN CONSOLE.” GAME OF THE MONTH Desperados III PS5 GAME OF THE ISSUE Resident Evil Village This is our biggest-ever issue! It needs to be, as after 12 months of teases, leaks, and speculation Sony at last revealed PlayStation 5, and what a console. You can see the hardware in detail on p6, and we round up the new games you will only be able to play on your next-gen console – there are more in our Hot 53. Speaking of which, on p38, we reveal the 53 hottest games we’re looking forward to on PS4, PS5, and PS VR. There were so many we had to add three more slots to our annual Hot 50 list. From Horizon Forbidden…

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this month’s next-geners

Oscar Taylor-Kent GAMES EDITOR Read Oscar’s epic ten-page spoiler-free review of The Last Of Us Part II on p134. He’s been clicking on about it ever since. GAME OF THE MONTH The Last Of Us Past II PS5 GAME OF THE ISSUE Hitman 3 Jess Kinghorn STAFF WRITER Jess is saving up all her tears for PS5’s Goodbye Volanco High (p10). She’ll need a whole a box of Kleen-rex for this one. GAME OF THE MONTH Infinite Beyond The Mind PS5 GAME OF THE ISSUE Goodbye Volcano High Miriam McDonald OPERATIONS EDITOR Mafia remake’s promise of 1930s roleplay (p96) has Mim pre-loading her drinks cabinet. That’s what we call the Bee’s Knees. GAME OF THE MONTH Mafia II PS5 GAME OF THE ISSUE Bugsnax Milford Coppock MANAGING ART EDITOR Horizon Forbidden West (p126) tops Milf’s PlayStation 5 wish-list. It looks amazing. He’s Aloy’ed to enjoy this one GAME OF THE MONTH The Last Of Us…

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your first impressions

“The console! OMG! Loving it.” TJ Marinelli “Shut up and just take my money!!!” Mike Chenery “The actual console itself gave me the horn!” Aaron Ponsford “Console looks super slick.” Matt Mills “Looks interesting, no price point, but surely digital version depends on online prices of digital downloads always seems more expensive than disc versions.” SJ “In a surprising twist, it’s the console design and it’s tech specs that have me excited, rather than the games I’ve just seen. I can now see how it’s likely to be closer to £600. It actually looks like an aspirational bit of kit.” Pete Wisdom “Also looks great when it is laying down.” Kehaan STATUS LIGHTS We’ve only seen the status light glowing blue, but if it performs like PS4 we expect this to react to how you’re using the console. COOLING VENTS These run down the innards in wave-like forms…

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the ps5 hardware reveal

PlayStation 5 has emerged from the shadow of the DualSense controller. This console is a work of art, it’s no block of unwieldy, ill-shaped hardware that will struggle to squeeze under your TV. This is a fluid, elegant box of tricks deserving pride of place. The console features a glossy black, vented inner wrapped in a curvaceous white shell that draws the eye up and out, hiding the bulk of the machine. Size-wise, PlayStation 5 is slightly fatter than a PS4 Pro but taller when on its vertical stand. The form and flow of the console is even clearer when we get in close to the hardware. The white internal ‘lapels’ of the machine are textured to the touch; the black engine of the console is smooth and glossy. The hidden…

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meet the family

DUALSENSE Packing haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, a battery rechargeable via USB-C for fast charging, a new lightbar, and built-in mic, PS5’s controller is a thing of beauty. PLAYSTATION 5 STAND The console’s stand has been shown propping up PS5 vertically, demonstrating the hardware’s curvy design. Naturally, the new console can also be placed flat on its side. PS5 DIGITAL EDITION This is the same console in terms of power and performance, it just lacks the Ultra HD Blu-ray for those of us who have embraced digi-downloads. It means this edition is slightly slimmer. PULSE 3D WIRELESS HEADSET Delivering stunning 3D audio and dual noise-cancelling microphones, the Pulse 3D headset could be an essential purchase. The sleek, curvy design just heightens our tech-lust. MEDIA REMOTE PS5’s media remote comes with voice control courtesy of its built-in microphone, and is just…

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need to know

The custom 825GB SSD inside PS5 is the console’s secret weapon. It ensures load times on PS5 are 100 times faster than on PS4, according to Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida. The SSD ensures PS5 games will be larger, more detailed, and run faster than those on current-gen consoles. It’s a claim backed by Epic Games’ VP of engineering, Nick Penwarden, who revealed the tech giant had to rewrite the core I/O subsystems for Unreal Engine with PlayStation 5 in mind. The custom CPU and GPU are a powerful combo. At this year’s tech crunch stream Mark Cerny revealed the console delivers 3.5GHz frequencies – PlayStation 5 runs eight Zen 2 cores at 3.5GHz (at variable frequencies), compared to PS4’s eight Jaguar cores at 1.6GHz. That represents a massive, generational leap in…