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August 2021

OM Yoga Magazine is your guide for daily yoga practice, from yoga poses to meditations, articles and videos. OM magazine caters for all levels of ability from beginners to intermediate, teachers and professionals. Regular features include: Yoga at Home, yoga changed my file, Yoga & Aromatherapy, amazing spaces, yoga anatomy, plant based food recipes, my yoga business plus lots more to inspire a healthy and active lifestyle.

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monkeying around

I love the idea of taking yoga ‘off the mat’ — making yoga relevant to everyday life rather than being something you do just for an hour and then tick off the daily to-do list. When I teach I urge my students after every class to ‘take the yoga with you’, the idea being to move through the rest of the day with a bit more grace and compassion. Surely that’s the real point of yoga? To find ongoing tranquility and equanimity, even if not full-on enlightenment. I’ve been spending time recently with my young niece. I thought the zen qualities of my yoga practice would be helpful here: perhaps in cultivating an attitude of love and patience as she explores — and challenges — all sorts of boundaries. In reality it…

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Greetings earthlings. August is a great time to really appreciate our amazing little planet and all that it offers (for me, it’s forest walks, but beaches are pretty fine too) — and yoga really is the best way to help you make the most of your time on it. Spending time on a yoga mat — whether that’s for two minutes a day or a couple of hours — can literally transform your life experience. In fact, it can help foster a greater sense of calm and happiness to all who practice it. Millions of people around the world do yoga just for these reasons (and many other reasons too). That’s why we’re featuring ways to tap into these incredible human feelings in our two special reports this month. If you’re a…

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om in 30 seconds

Yoga offers me a way to be patient and compassionate with myself, and to show love to the world around me, and to really experience the love that is always flowing around all of us all the time. OM Meets Jessamyn Stanley, Page 36 There are many simple ways in which we can achieve more calm and balance in our day-to-day lives, from yoga to meditation, to clean eating and positive self-talk and enjoying nature more, among others. Calm Clinic, Page 44 You can live a life where you are happy all of the time, but to get there takes work, effort and energy. And what you gain when you invest in yourself this way, is that whatever life throws at you, becomes a gift. The Art Of Happiness, Page 70…

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om loves beautiful things for beautiful people

waldSPA Skincare Austria’s leading nature hotel and eco-retreat, Naturhotel Forsthofgut in Leogang, has launched its own cosmetic line, waldSPA Skincare. Drawing inspiration from the hotel’s idyllic setting amid forest, mountains and open pasture, each product embodies the healing power of nature. Available in the Naturhotel Forsthofgut spas, shop and online, the waldSPA Skincare cleansers, toners and moisturisers are priced from £12 for a 90g bar of waldBEERE organic soap, to £111 for the anti-ageing waldSPA Hyaluron Serum or Oxygen moisturiser. From £12 shop.forsthofgut.at/waldspa-skincare Sunday Company Calm Candle Hand poured in Devon soy wax candle from The Sunday Company. The perfect gift to rebalance body and mind, with notes of lavender, jasmine, Roman chamomile, ylang ylang and frankincense. Choose a quiet corner and reset. 50 hours minimum burn time. Presented in a kraft tube and free…

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calm meditation

Before I knew what meditation was, I was really intrigued and could not wait for my teacher training course to cover this topic. I always thought of a meditation as something mysterious and complicated. I was surprised by what I learnt: that in fact meditation can be very simple. To put it in everyday language, meditation is stilling or quietening our mind. It can be that simple. Although, as many of us know, making our mind calm, quiet and free from thoughts and distractions can be quite challenging. With our busy lives and all that is happening in the world, we are constantly stimulated, and our minds are working overtime. Here are a few tips and techniques that help me to take a little time out and meditate. Traditionally we practice meditation…

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find peace, find happy

Is it possible to be happy all of the time? Yes! But first it’s important that we define happiness. Last year I went through a break up with the father of my child. Along with everything else that was happening in 2020, this wasn’t the easiest ride. What surprised me though, was that even when the pain and sadness were at a 10, I was still happy. Imagine if you could go through life with a certainty and confidence, that no matter what was thrown at you, you would always be okay? This isn’t another ‘believe it into existence manifesting law of attraction’ thingy, that promises the world, yet leaves you frustrated and wondering if there’s something wrong with you. Nor is this for the faint hearted. You can live…