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OnFitness January/February 2020

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swat fuel isonamission

SWAT Fuel is a science-based supplement line to support occupational athletes. The combat physiology behind creator Dr. Dan Olesnicky, M.D.’s, products, is fighting the biological time cells in our bodies (telomeres). This comprehensive line of popular sports nutrition supplements; originally developed to provide energy and endurance to military, law enforcement, and shift workers, efficiently provides the nutrients that our bodies need for optimal performance, while using and maintaining energy. The occupational athlete is an individual required to physically perform at the level of an athlete during their job. Physically demanding occupations, such as the police force, military, fire fighters, nursing, can often place the body under extreme stress. Obviously, this ongoing stress can accelerate the deterioration of the body internally, along with the visible signs of aging we see externally, thus…

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pecs appeal

There are many exercises you can do for building a powerful, beautiful, and muscular chest, and it’s not just about bench-presses; it’s about a variety of routines that target your chest from different angles. For most of us, a chest workout centers around the three basic bench-press positions: decline, flat, and incline. But there are plenty of other chest-focused exercises worth trying. Targeting your pectorals with more angles than the simple bench-press will not only increase your size and improve your posture, you’ll also look taller and stronger because a well-built chest is impressive. Knowing your pectoral muscles is a key factor in building them. Chest muscles include pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, and serratus anterior. The pectoralis major is the largest muscle of your upper chest. A developed pectoralis major is most…

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why fat loss is a state of mind

When most people think of fat loss, brain chemistry is far from their minds. However, the body only goes where the brain will let it. The brain holds the key to allow you control over will power. Neglect the brain, and will power will instead control you. If you are a personal trainer or fitness enthusiast, becoming educated on how to balance brain chemistry can make the difference between long-term transformation or transient change. Weight loss and fat loss are not the same. Weight loss methods focus exclusively on calories, neglecting the impact the brain has on body change. On the other hand, fat loss focuses on hormones, including brain hormones called neurotransmitters. Brain hormones impact hunger, mood, cravings, energy, motivation, and focus. There are four major neuro-hormones that fat loss seekers need…

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lifestyle habits for the athletic life

Athletic bodies are the holy grail of fitness. When asked how to get a high-performance athletic body, we may utilize various fitness systems to achieve an athletic look, but what about other important factors that affect our performance? When we look across the fitness landscape, there are many teachings and methods to get an athletic physique, often creating an overwhelming and confusing area to navigate. By taking a look at the twelve most common nutrition and lifestyle habits of some of the top-performing athletes and physiques in the industry, we can get closer to achieving our own performance goals. Start with avoiding sugar, refined carbs, and processed foods: we are aware by now that nutrition is a big part of the athletic body strategy. While avoiding sugar, refined carbs and processed foods…

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how stuff works

When we think of the term “estrogen,” we typically think of a female hormone. Estrogen plays a key role in the development of the hourglass shape of a woman, promoting full breast development and curvy hips, thighs, and buttocks. In addition to promoting the typically feminine shape, estrogen plays a core role in bone health, cardiovascular health, and protection, brain function, metabolism, and fat storage. Estrogen is found not just in women but is present in men as well. Interestingly, appropriate estrogen balance in men is just as important as appropriate estrogen balance in women. In men, excessive production of estrogen via aromatization is responsible for benign prostate hyperplasia and prostate cancer, and conversely, too low of estrogen or lack of estrogen synthesis can lead to brittle bones, low libido, increased insulin, impaired…

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how top athletes eat to win

Performance goals are getting more and more common with the popularity of 5K road races, triathlons, and half-marathons. Many are turning away from physique goals to take on performance-based races, contests, and competitions. For those fitness enthusiasts, super-low body fat and ripped abs are not the goals, but instead, the goal is setting a personal best at a big race alongside a group of training buddies. Admittedly, nutrition protocols to build a lean physique are not always the greatest energy-producing diet; however, for peak performance in road races and similar activities that require speed, agility, strength, muscular endurance, elite cardiovascular fitness, and overall grit, eating correctly for energy production is directly related to performance. Your carb-centric diet Carbohydrates are the body’s primary source of energy for exercise, and the proper ingestion of them…