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Reise og friluftsliv
Our Canada

Our Canada

February/March 2020

The extraordinary magazine that brings our country to life! Share in the stories, photos, special hometown places, and family-favourite recipes that make this the most unique, proud-to-be-Canadian magazine ever. Every picture and story in this one-of-a-kind magazine will bring Canada to vivid, colourful life for you. Join over 1,000,000 readers - and celebrate Canada!

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A Rockin’ Response Donald Lugers article “A Rockin’ Tribute” (October-November 2019) pays homage to the B-29 Superfortress. In one of the pictures (right), Donald points to the tail guns of this plane. The sight of these tail guns immediately triggered a memory from an experience I had during the final days of World War II. I was living in Amsterdam; there was no food left and people were literally starving in the streets. It was called the Hunger Winter of 1944. The war was ending, much of the Netherlands was liberated but the western part was still in German hands. Permission was granted to the Allied Forces by the Germans for food drops at Schiphol Airport. “Operation Manna” was launched and many bombers took part. The first drop was done by…

2 min.
contributor spotlight

MEGAN LORENZ Based in Toronto, Megan is a wildlife photographer who was able to turn her passion for the outdoors into her career. Megan believes that intensive knowledge of a species behaviour, traits and habitat is paramount to successful wildlife photography and has an unending amount of patience, which helps her in the field waiting for the ideal moment. This is demonstrated to perfection in her photo essay Winter Royalty (page 8), about bonding with and photographing a Canada lynx. Among her many awards, she is a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal recipient for her contribution to Canadian wildlife photography. KAT STEFANKIEWICZ If you’ve ever attended a Toronto Raptors game or you follow the reigning NBA champions online, you probably recognize the team’s in-game and digital host, Kat Stefankiewicz. As she tells…

1 min.
facebook challenge a walk in the woods

Ann Lane of Cobourg, Ont., submitted this sweet photo to our “A Walk in the Woods“ Theme Pics Challenge, writing, “This bird feeder is one of our favourite stops along the Waterfront Trail.” To see more great Theme Pic photos and learn what the next “theme” is, head to our Facebook page! HAVE YOUR SAY. Is there a story or feature you’d like to comment on? Anything you’d like to see more or less of in each issue? Your opinion is important to us, so drop us a line at ourcanada.ca or see page 64 for our address.…

1 min.
thanks a million!

Before you dive into your current issue—and a wonderful issue it is!—I’d like to take a moment to chat about the shiny, new “call out” on our front cover, announcing that Our Canada has “more than one million readers.” According to the Fall 2019 study conducted by Vividata, the organization which tracks readership and related metrics for the Canadian magazine industry, Our Canada is read by 1.1 million people across the country. Factor in our digital audience and that number climbs to almost 1.5 million. Those are impressive stats, no doubt, but more importantly, they are a testament to the loyalty, high level of engagement and willingness to spread the word about Our Canada that you continue to bestow upon our publication. Although hitting the one-million readership mark will be news to…

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our canada

Chairman of the Board Christopher Dornan Editor-in-Chief Gary George Executive Editor, Digital Brett Walther Senior Editor Maryanne Gallagher Proofreader Imogen Brian Art Director Robert Bigras Graphic Designers Pierre Loranger, Michel Pelletier Assistant Web Editor Robert Liwanag Content Operations Manager Lisa Pigeon Circulation Director Edward Birkett THE READER’S DIGEST ASSOCIATION (CANADA) ULC President Brian Kennedy Legal Barbara Robins Financial Director Corinne Hazan Product Manager, Magazine Marketing Mirella Liberatore National Sales Director James Anderson National Account Executives Suzanne Farago (Montreal); Melissa Silverberg (Toronto); Robert Shaw (Vancouver) Marketing and Research Director Kelly Hobson Head of Marketing Solutions and New Product Development Melissa Williams Lead Project Manager, Marketing Solutions Meri Ward Production Manager Lisa Snow Toronto Office: 121 Bloor St. E., Suite. 430, Toronto, ON M4W 1E6 TRUSTED MEDIA BRANDS President and Chief Executive Officer Bonnie Kintzer Editor-in-Chief, International Magazines Raimo Moysa…

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william walker

CANADIAN ARMY OCCUPATION FORCE “Bill” Walker was born in Brightview, Alta., on November 13, 1923. He joined up on June 10, 1944, and was originally assigned to a tank crew with the Armoured Corps. Because of a health issue, he was assigned to be a truck driver/mechanic with the Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. “When they were forming the Occupation Army, you needed 50 points to be sent home. I had 49. I was glad of that actually.” He was sent to Europe and stationed in Belgium in 1944. While there, he was made a member of the Canadian Army Occupation Force, and was discharged in 1946. After his war service, and teaching for several years, Bill worked and retired on his farm in Alberta. To view video interviews with Canadian vets, visit…