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“pc gamers love them some tactical warfare”

The reason we keep putting Total War games on our cover is because it’s a series of constant reinvention. While each features tactical battles and strategic diplomacy, the key differences add up to something distinct. Three Kingdoms might be the most original Total War to date. Recently I received an email expressing disappointment at our lack of Early Access coverage. The result is this issue’s feature. If you’ve got thoughts about areas of PC gaming we should be giving more pages to, get in touch. phil.savage@futurenet.com PHIL SAVAGE Specialist in War correspondent Twitter @Octaeder This month Reported from the frontlines of Avalanche’s war against a boring post-apocalypse. TALK TO PC GAMER Have your say! Email us at letters@pcgamer.com…

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the pc gamer team

TOM SENIOR Specialist in Only war This month After being deployed to Horsham to see Total War, returned home and played some Warhammer. ANDY KELLY Specialist in Flame wars This month Quizzed Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker. It wasn’t so much a war of words as just a nice chat. PHILIPPA WARR Specialist in Name: Warr This month Was drafted into a war against the sea by Early Access Atlas. Discover who won in this issue. STEVEN MESSNER Specialist in Peace (he’s Canadian) This month Lost a war against ooze, as detailed in his Early Access feature entry on Caves of Qud.…

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bungie cuts the cord

Bungie kicked off 2019 with news that it is ending its publishing relationship with Activision eight years into the decade-long arrangement. Bungie always held the IP rights to the Destiny franchise, but Activision will transfer the publishing rights, leaving its fate entirely in the hands of its developers. But what does that actually mean for Destiny? Well, right now it just means an optimistic subreddit. After all, Activision so easily falls into the role of evil corporate overlord (in no small part due to earnings call banter like, “While Forsaken is a high-quality expansion, with strong engagement and new modes of play, it did not achieve our commercial expectations, and there is still work to do to fully re-engage the core Destiny fanbase”). It’s thus easy to see Bungie as the opposite:…

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the sound of games

When you pilot a yacht in Just Cause 3, you don’t think about the sound of the engine—at least consciously. Your brain acknowledges that, yes, this sounds like you’re behind the wheel of a yacht, and the illusion is created. But recording the sound of that boat’s rumbling engines, and the roar of the ocean as it moves through it, involved a real 60-foot yacht, a man named Watson Wu, multiple microphones and a lot of puke. “For the onboard yacht sounds, multiple microphones were rigged at the front, the side, in the engine room, and at the helm and rear,” says Wu, a sound designer and field recordist who works in TV, film and videogames. “We had to leave the engine room door open to capture the audio, so I…

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little boys’ room

1 FORT-LESS The room didn’t always have its distinctive opposing forts. Instead it was a ‘T’ shaped space—two lofted bunk beds joined by a single set of stairs between them. The forts idea came around the same time as Calvin’s death by swingset story. 2 LOW ENTRY Crawling into the room, you can only see Calvin’s side—a ten-year-old’s room. “The player gets an immediate read of ‘kids room’—but when they stand and turn and see Sam’s liquor and cigarettes and camera tripod, it’s a surprise,” says Bell. 3 MOVING ON Little touches make it clear Sam outlived Calvin. Sam’s height marking on the door leave Calvin’s behind, Sam’s fort bridge has been taken down and the fort itself is used for box storage. Sam also has the aforementioned liquor and cigarettes. 4 SPACE RACE Calvin’s love of…

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too-early adoption

Cash payments. Exclusive development support. Marketing features with increased visibility. These are just a few of the incentives that may be offered to a developer in return for committing to a new platform early. An ecosystem needs projects supporting it, and devs need to ensure that they have a substantial audience to sell their games to. However, when a platform is actual hardware that takes up space, the costs and considerations developers face can vary wildly. “I first got to try the Magic Leap 1 as part of a contract early in 2018, and I immediately knew that I wanted to find a way to work with the device,” says veteran independent developer and consultant Ryan Evans. “[Magic Leap] lets you imbue everyday objects and spaces around you with new meaning…