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“borderlands 3’s biggest achievement is its combat”

Whenever we publish our annual Top 100 list, we always get asked one question: Where’s Borderlands 2? The truth is, for everything it does so well, it’s just not one of the best shooters on PC. Its sequel, though? It could be. Based on what I’ve played, Borderlands 3’s biggest achievement is its combat, which feels more fluid, exciting, and impactful than its predecessors. Find out more on page 36. Also inside is our massive review of Total War: Three Kingdoms. You’ll find that on page 56. EDITOR phil.savage@futurenet.com PHIL SAVAGE Specialist in Guns Twitter @Octaeder This month Endured much Claptrap to bring you this month’s cover feature. TALK TO PC GAMER Have your say! Email us at letters@pcgamer.com…

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the pc gamer team

ANDY KELLY Specialist in Cops This month Became well acquainted with a police station (specifically the one from Resident Evil 2). PHIL IWANIUK Specialist in Gains This month Tried to improve his K:D ratio through a strict diet of RGB and esports branded gear. JEREMY PEEL Specialist in Orcs This month Sacrificed many thousands of orcs in memory of a dying free-to-play game. MALINDY HETFELD Specialist in Pirates This month Was diagnosed with an obsession to Curse of Monkey Island. The treatment? A Reinstall.…

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walkout at riot

PLAINTIFFS ALLEGE THAT THE EVERYDAY ATMOSPHERE AT RIOT HASN’T IMPROVED Following a report by Kotaku on the endemic sexism at Riot Games last August, the company announced actions to improve its culture. Several months later, a number of Riot employees filed lawsuits against their employer for gender discrimination. Riot responded by pointing out its mandatory arbitration clause, effectively blocking court proceedings. Over 150 employees left their workplace both to protest forced arbitration, a practice in which a private arbitrator settles disputes instead of a court judge, and the ongoing problems at Riot. Arbitration differs from court procedures in that they’re confidential and parties choose arbitrators themselves, which means they’re not necessarily impartial. Most importantly, arbitration rulings aren’t legally binding. Since the original Kotaku report, Riot has taken measures to combat sexism, including…

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highs & lows

HIGHS Minecraft Thanks to a huge content update, Minecraft now has villages, pandas, many new blocks, and more. Platinum Games Hinted at two new games, describing them as something that’s “never been designed before”. Ambitious! Microsoft Published charmingly old-fashioned examples of acceptable trash talk, including “get wrecked”. LOWS Randy Pitchford The Gearbox CEO is having a month on Twitter, first with a kerfuffle over microtransactions in Borderlands 3, followed by assault claims. Echo Fox Former NBA pro Rick Fox is leaving esports organization Echo Fox over an investor’s racial slur. The Sonic Movie Since Sonic looks about as bad as expected, he’s getting a redesign.…

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creating nature

You wouldn’t expect a niche hunting game to feature some of the most realistic natural environments on PC. The Hunter: Call of the Wild, developed by Avalanche, features a series of massive, gorgeous hunting reserves—from the grassy plains of Africa and the lush forests of Germany, to the frozen wilds of Siberia—and they’re all stunningly beautiful to look at. The game is developed by a small team, yet despite having a fraction of the budget of something like, say, Far Cry, its landscapes are above and beyond anything I’ve seen in any other game. And as I wandered the autumnal forests of Hirschfelden, I wondered: How did they do it? “A lot of trying and failing,” says Peppe Pihl, world designer. “Research and more research. Blood, sweat, and tears. I was born…

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crash, bang, wallop

1 SURVIVAL SIMULATOR “Damage is part and parcel of real life rally. Drivers constantly have to overcome mechanical failure and impact damage to make it to the end of the stage, and we wanted our players to experience that.” 2 UNDER THE HOOD “Punctures and damaged wheels have an obvious effect on your handling, but we model a great deal under the hood too. If you damage your radiator, your engine will overheat and your performance will suffer.” 3 THE REAL THING “We work closely with real rally car manufacturers. Some request that certain parts of the bodywork never detach during accidents, and they all make it clear that the driver cell should never be damaged in a crash.” 4 SLIDING DOORS “Damage is accurate to what you impact with. If you slide sideways into a lamp…