PC Gamer (US Edition) September 2019

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“we get hit by an avalanche of exciting new pc games”

You never know what you’ll get from one E3 to the next. Some years it’s all about the consoles and their first-party offerings. Other years—2019 is one—we get an avalanche of exciting new games. There’s Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt Red’s impressive new RPG. There’s Baldur’s Gate III, the surprise next game from Larian Studios. And there’s Doom Eternal, id’s clever continuation of everything that made 2016’s Doom reboot one of the best shooters of recent years. It’s a great year to be a PC gamer. PHIL SAVAGE Specialist in Hackers Twitter @Octaeder This month Wrote this bio before flying out to E3. If you’re holding the magazine, it probably went OK. TALK TO PC GAMER Have your say! Email us at letters@pcgamer.com…

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the pc gamer team

FRASER BROWN Specialist in Akira This month Learned about the existence of Baldur’s Gate III at a barbecue. This isn’t even a joke. CHRIS LIVINGSTON Specialist in Total Recall This month Stepped onto the battlefield of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with nothing but a notepad. ANDY KELLY Specialist in Blade Runner This month Spent a portion of the issue on holiday in Ireland. Still found time to review a space game. MALINDY HETFELD Specialist in Appleseed This month Launched an investigation into one of the most pervasive E3 staples: videogame trailers.…

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the pc gaming show

PC Gamer returned to Los Angeles for the annual PC Gaming Show on June 10, which is still the only major E3 event completely dedicated to PC gaming. Held at the beautiful Mayan Theater, it featured almost two hours of interviews, trailers, gameplay footage, and exclusive reveals. Rebellion showed off the first trailer for Evil Genius 2, a sequel to the cult strategy sim which lets you become a Bond-style supervillain. We also served up the first in-game footage of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, a sequel to the vampire RPG. Chucklefish revealed its space colony management game, Starmancer, and Tripwire Interactive unleashed the first ever trailer for the brutal-looking medieval brawler Chivalry 2, which includes castle sieges and large battles. Klei, the studio behind Don’t Starve, revealed more about its next…

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first impressions

Everyone watches trailers, whether as part of a big industry showcase such as E3, on YouTube, or on a Steam store page. To generate interest, trailers need to simultaneously capture your attention and efficiently deliver essential information about plot. The exact method differs a lot depending on the game’s genre and its unique selling points, but the basic aims are the same. I spoke to developers and a marketing team to find out what a good trailer needs. “Game trailers are often not clear enough about what you end up doing. Is it a narrative game without a fail state? Is it a survival game? All this really basic information is missing, but it’s really important in games because of the great variety of experiences games offer,” says Game Designer (and…

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laid off

It’s easy to see game layoffs as a tragic but disconnected event. 150 people lost their jobs, but that’s easy to reduce to simple numbers. What does it mean? For many developers, it can be anything from the confusing loss of a dream job, to the sudden absence of treasured friends and colleagues. According to one person who requested anonymity—I’ll call him Jason—it meant a $25 Amazon gift card. “In 2013,” Jason begins, “I got a job at one of the three largest third-party game publishers as a PR employee. It was my first real job in the games industry—a dream job to me. I was immediately blinded by how ‘honored’ I should be to work for said brand. So much so that I didn’t notice obvious problems from the outset.…

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roots and seeds

IRRATIONAL GAMES The poster child for offshoots, this mass-layoff led to the creation of The Deep End Games (Perception), Question Games (The Blackout Club), and Chump Squad (Kine), among many other talented teams. CLOVER STUDIO After the commercial disappointment of Viewtiful Joe, Okami, and God Hand, Clover Studios was dissolved. One of the teams formed in its wake was PlatinumGames, now recognized as one of the best action developers around. VISCERAL GAMES The four developers at A Wandering Band met at Visceral Games, and two were directly affected by EA’s closure of the studio. The small team now develops Airborne Kingdom, a high-flying city management game. FUNCOM Funcom has changed sizes several times over its history, with these sometimes wild swings and layoffs leading to the rise of teams including Red Thread Games and indie darling Kitfox…