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“this latest entry could not be a more perfect reinvention”

ROBIN VALENTINE Specialist in Blue sky thinking Twitter @robinlvalentine This month Put a plane on the cover of an international games magazine and no one stopped him. There’s always been something very primal about Microsoft Flight Simulator. What drives players to learn every step of a perfectly-recreated flight sequence, is freedom – that feeling of escape that only a journey into the sky can convey. In that sense, this latest entry could not be a more perfect reinvention. Using technology sufficiently advanced to seem like magic, it realises a childlike vision of what a game should be: it lets you fly literally anywhere on the entire Earth. We’re blown away by it, and we think you will be too. robin.valentine@futurenet.com TALK TO PC GAMER Have your say! Email us at letters@pcgamer.com…

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the pc gamer team

ANDY KELLY Specialist in The zen of simulation This month Actually flew a plane. Like, for real, they let this guy into a cockpit. This is genuinely not a bit. STEVEN MESSNER Specialist in Hot tub interviews This month Discussed chaos, wormholes, and space politics without a lot of clothes on. JAMES DAVENPORT Specialist in Rootin’, tootin’, shootin’, and lootin’ This month Played 100 hours of Borderlands 3 so you don’t have to. HARRY SHEPHERD Specialist in Telling other people what to do (in games) This month Started bringing his online guides expertise to the ancient world of print.…

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In a little less than a year, the Dota Auto Chess mod’s popularity has already spawned plenty of imitators, as well as a standalone follow-up from the original developers. Now they’re even making surprise cameos in other games’ tournaments. Hearthstone pro Linh ‘Seiko’ Nguyen was playing a Grandmasters match against Elias ‘Bozzzton’ Sibelius in September and, during the course of the battle, made some catastrophic errors that ultimately cost him the match, surprising the viewers watching and his opponent. Viewers could see that Nguyen was distracted, and he wasn’t watching the screen. Instead he kept looking down at his lap. He was so busy doing something else that he was the last person to realize he’d lost. And it turns out that ‘something else’ was playing Auto Chess. “THE EXPECTATION IS THAT PLAYERS…

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highs & lows

HIGHS Netflix’s The Witcher According to a now deleted social media post from Netflix, Geralt will be hitting screens on December 17. Sea of Thieves The pirate romp has pets now! They dance, they vomit, and you can fire them out of a cannon. EVE Online The MMO will implement grief counseling for new players who lose a ship. LOWS Cyberpunk 2077 Romance options are confirmed, but we’re told you can’t get dirty with Keanu, so what’s the point? EA The publisher’s amazing defense of loot boxes is now in the Guinness Book of Records for most downvoted comment on Reddit. Fallout 76 A new update adds a useful fridge item… but it costs real money, breaking Bethesda’s promises of no pay-to-win microtransactions.…

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fortnite effect

For kids, Fortnite is still the game of the moment. Not that this comes as any surprise, since it has everything going for it. It’s free, it’s immediate, tension-filled, complex, rewarding, and every season adds events and new features to explore. It’s a good game! And like every game kids love, many parents are terrified by it. A visit to the UK parenting forum Mumsnet immediately surfaces threads such as, “Does Fortnite turn your kid into an arsehole too?” and “F*#@ing Fortnite… ruining our lives”. They describe their kids “turning into monsters” while playing, and achieving lower grades. As a parent to one tween and an early teen, I can’t help but understand their concerns. I’m not quite so angry or fearful, but I’ve found Fortnite has introduced new tension into…

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siren song

It’s not easy being one of the six most powerful women in the galaxy. As an eridium-fueled Siren in the Borderlands games, Lilith wields deadly abilities—but bears a heavy burden. Recent games have placed her front-and-center as a straight-talking leader, but she didn’t begin life that way. We spoke with Borderlands 3’s co-lead writer Sam Winkler about how she’s changed—and what she means to the popular series. In the original Borderlands, Lilith was one of the four playable vault hunters, and didn’t have much approaching a personality. When it came time to take the original cast and turn them into story characters, that meant retro-fitting each with a sense of self. “All the Borderlands player characters have distinct voices and personalities,” Winkler says. “But there always needs to be some wiggle…