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“the mod that became a game spawns a mod that’s become a game”

ROBIN VALENTINE Specialist in Walrus crimes Twitter @robinlvalentine This month Started working on Valve Time. Expect our next issue in ten years. For a company that’s become such an ever-present staple of PC gaming today, Valve remains mysterious. It does things its own way, and seldom feels the need to explain itself. Getting to step inside its doors feels a bit like being invited into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, and Dota Underlords is surely one of its most intriguing confections. The mod that became a game spawns a mod that has become a game. Their story reveals much about how both Valve’s changed, and how it’s staying the same. MANAGING EDITOR robin.valentine@futurenet.com TALK TO PC GAMER Have your say! Email us at letters@pcgamer.com…

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the pc gamer team

WES FENLON Specialist in Runnin’ and gunnin’ This month Almost burst a blood vessel playing adrenaline-fueled sequel Doom Eternal. STEVEN MESSNER Specialist in International indies This month Headed to China to discover a game dev scene both thriving and under threat. HARRY SHEPHERD Specialist in Swedish electro-pop This month Wrote his first PC Gamer review this month—for posthumous rhythm game Avicii Invector. ANDY KELLY Specialist in Fantasy colonialism This month Investigated a new MMORPG brought to us by the world’s most successful bookshop.…

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speed force

Speedruns weren’t the only records being broken at this year’s Awesome Games Done Quick, which raised a grand total of $3,133,898.56. That’s more than $700,000 higher than last year’s event and $100,000 more than the previous Summer Games Done Quick. The money raised from these 54,160 individual donations goes to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. As always, AGDQ’s speedrunners showcased a massive variety of games, from devilishly tricky platformers to entire RPG anthologies. One of the highlights was Tomatoangus, who had to add a ‘g’ to his handle before he was allowed to participate, and his Fallout Anthology run. When he got to the Fallout 4 leg of his journey, he brought out props—hastily assembled—to show how he’s able to glitch through walls and shave off vital seconds at the start of…

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highs & lows

HIGHS The Witcher 3 Thanks to the show, the game now has more people playing than ever before. Resident Evil 3 Remake Capcom confirmed an April 3 release date for its latest remake. Half-Life Alyx We finally got to hear the creepy G-Man, once again played by Mike Shapiro, for the first time in 12 years. LOWS Escape from Tarkov Despite apologizing for an interview that claimed women can’t handle combat, the devs still don’t want to add playable female characters. Fantasy Flight Interactive The digital division of the board game publisher has closed its doors. It only got to release one game. Windows 7 Support for Windows 7 has finally come to an end after a decade.…

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It’s an auspicious day in Atana. Members of the gentry have gathered in their finest with the kingdom of Davern to witness the wedding between their two princes. As the officiant, Queen Soproxi of Atana bursts dramatically into the room only fashionably late to the festivities. “GOOD MORNING RICH MEMBERS OF ATANA!” She yells. “AND BEAUTIFUL WAR-TORN DAVES!” The queen’s bold entrance is met with dozens of reactions from the crowd in the form of Discord emoticons beneath her all-caps messages. There are nearly 50 of us sitting silently in a voice chat room called ‘the-wedding’ listening to a bot called ‘Rythm’ provide the sounds of a lute-playing bard. An unknown number more are spectating the ceremony unfold in several text channels. These are my first confusing but intriguing moments in…

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doom eternal

NEED TO KNOW RELEASE March 20, 2020 DEVELOPER id Software PUBLISHER Bethesda Softworks LINK doometernal.com PlayingS this FPS sequel is… exhausting. After three hours, I feel like my nervous system needs a vacation. Any good shooter demands something from your reflexes, learning how to aim while dodging incoming fire, but that’s just learning how to breathe in Doom Eternal. Properly operating your entire body—and staying alive—is a lot harder. PLAYED IT The game on ‘ultraviolence’, its version of ‘hard’ difficulty, is the most stressed I’ve been playing a game in a long time, because almost every fight has me feeling like I’m on the ragged edge. It’s been a couple years since I played any of id Software’s 2016 Doom, the surprisingly great reboot that Eternal is following up on, but I don’t remember it feeling like this. Doom was fast,…