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October 2020

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6 min.
hands on with the lg wing: the most useful dual-screen phone?

Ergonomics isn’t everything, but it’s a lot. The swiveling LG Wing has the most standard “phone” form factor of this year’s crop of amazing, expanding phones, giving you a dual-screen experience without feeling too chunky, wide, or weird in your hand. The Wing is coming to all three major carriers later this year, but I got a few hours with a pre-release model; here’s what to look forward to. A TOTALLY NEW DESIGN The initially amazing thing about the Wing is how much it feels like a normal phone. It’s big, to be sure. The main body is 6.67 by 2.93 by 0.43 inches (HWD), and at 9.17 ounces, it’s noticeably heavier than most phones. Sitting on my desk next to a OnePlus 8 Pro in a case, it’s almost exactly the…

6 min.
consoles, mobile, and pcs have merged: the gaming singularity is here

Nothing screams dystopia more than two massive corporations conscripting their massive audiences into a petty legal war. No viewer should care which studio controls which Marvel movie rights. No consumer should take a side in the ongoing war between Apple and Epic Games over Fortnite direct payments. And yet here we are, sighing while Epic adds Marvel characters to Fortnite to rub iOS players’ noses in what they are missing due to Apple’s stubbornness. #FreeFortnite. Despite its cynical strategy, Epic’s stance is closer to the honest future of gaming, at least philosophically. Apple is the champion of the closed platform. But as walls collapse and platforms blur together, the path forward becomes a path we all share. The gaming singularity has nearly arrived. TEAR DOWN THIS WALL Consider how Fortnite, battle royales, and…

7 min.
this technology could transform humanity, if silicon valley doesn’t ruin it

A recent article in The Guardian stirred up a lot of excitement—and a little fear—on social media. The reason: The initial draft was reportedly written by GPT-3, OpenAI’s new text generator. Since its beta release, GPT-3, an artificial intelligence system that takes a cue and generates text, has captivated the tech community and the media. Developers and computer scientists have been using it to write articles, website markup, and even software code. Some entrepreneurs are contemplating creating new products on GPT-3. While flawed in fundamental ways, GPT-3 still shows how far advances in natural language processing have come. This is by far the largest and most coherent text-generation algorithm ever created. But it also highlights some of the problems the AI research community faces, including its growing dependence on the wealth of large…

5 min.
fujifilm instax square sq1: affordable and fun

The Fujifilm Instax Square SQ1 is as simple—and fun—to use as any other Instax camera. It’s a pure point-and-shoot, easy enough to pass off to a friend for a snapshot, and its wide-angle lens makes for solid selfies. If you’re looking for a square-format instant camera and are more of a snapshooter than artiste, the SQ1 instant camera will have loads of appeal for you. And it’s our Editors’ Choice. PROS: Fun, square instant prints. Very easy to use. Close focus and mirror for selfies. Color and black-and-white film available. CONS: No self timer, tripod socket, or double exposure support. Smaller photos than Polaroid cameras. CR2 batteries aren’t always easy to find. BOTTOM LINE: The Fujifilm Instax Square SQ1 is a square-format instant camera that’s easy affordable and easy to use. SOLID COLOR AESTHETICS The…

10 min.
asus vivobook flip 14: raw cpu performance

The Asus VivoBook Flip 14 is an all-around capable convertible laptop powered by AMD. The Ryzen 7 processor in our test model is the laptop’s best feature, delivering better performance than its competitors. The VivoBook Flip 14’s build is adequate (though not a standout like some alternatives), it includes useful ports, and the battery life is in the ballpark of 10 hours. There are no major flaws here, but the Flip doesn’t quite reach the heights of the simply better Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 14. While the Asus does come out on top in performance, there’s a good bit of flex in the keyboard deck, its battery doesn’t last as long, and it costs $100 more. The Lenovo retains its Editors’ Choice, but if you’re a performance-first budget shopper, consider…

10 min.
locast: inexpensive local tv streaming

Due to the way live TV video-streaming services obtain streaming rights for cable channels, most subscriptions cost as much as a traditional cable bill. Many people end up paying for channels they don’t want to watch, too, which partially defeats the purpose of cutting the cord. Locast can help solve those problems. This highly affordable streaming service converts the local channels you would pick up with an antenna into a digital signal and makes them available in a video-streaming interface. Locast lacks some common features of other live TV options, such as DVR recording and on-demand content, but we wouldn’t expect those features for such a low price—you can get service for as little as $5 a month. Furthermore, Locast delivers solid streaming performance and is easy to use. PROS: Live…