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April 2019

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when it comes to predictions, you need to be flexible

IF THERE’S ONE thing this issue of PC Pro teaches us, it’s that predictions are a mug’s game. On p124 you’ll find our 2020 special – a chance to look back at some of the things that have been predicted for the year 2020 over the years, and to wonder what on Earth we were thinking. Sadly, I now accept that I may never have a robot butler to call my own.However, one prediction that is edging closer to reality is driverless cars. Nothing to do with computers, you might think, but when I caught up with Nvidia at CES (see p28) the company took a very different view: after all, self-driving technology has everything to with supercomputing and machine learning. Appropriately, the neighbouring booth on the show floor was…

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government demand sees zero-day exploit prices soar

THE PRICE OF zero-day exploits has reached an all-time high – largely due to demand from the government and law-enforcement agencies who should be stamping them out.While companies such as Google run bug bounty schemes to encourage security researchers to disclose exploits they find, the black and grey market is far more lucrative, with payments for a single exploit peaking as high as $2 million.According to Zerodium – which calls itself the “leading exploit acquisition platform for premium zero-days” – rewards for researchers with hacks for iOS and messaging apps have never been higher.The firm says it will, depending on the quality and strength, pay $2 million for remote jailbreak exploits that require no user clicks – an increase of $500,000 on last year’s price. A local PIN, passcode or…

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five stories not to miss

1 Microsoft puts Windows 10 Mobile out of its miseryMicrosoft has told device users still running Windows 10 Mobile to swap platforms to either Android or iOS. Microsoft warned that security updates would cease in December 2019 and that services on the platform would stop working.2 Apple bruised as China market bitesApple was hit with some unwelcome economic reality when it saw its share price slump on dwindling sales in China, amongst other factors. Its share price plunged by 7.5%, or $55 billion, following the profits warning.3 Google falls foul of privacyregsGoogle’s legal woes continued with a £44 million fine by the French data protection agency CNIL over EU Data Protection Regulation violations. The agency ruled that Google provided poor levels of information for users on Android, didn’t seek valid…

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sell your own data? only if you’re destitute

Privacy experts are warning against new services that promise cash for data – platforms where consumers sell details directly into the data ecosystem.With Facebook, Google and data brokers facing criticism over the way they disseminate data, startups sense an opportunity to cash in by letting consumers sell their own information to the data exchanges.However, while the new companies – such as Datum, Ocean Protocol and Wibson, to name three – claim they are levelling the playing field by allowing consumers to profit, experts fear it will be a Pyrrhic victory.“You can’t solve the problem of your personal data being bought, sold, and commoditised through the hands of unknown unscrupulous third parties by you yourself commoditising your personal data and selling it to unknown unscrupulous third parties,” said Fennel Aurora, a…

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Although several platforms target user data for advertising, another driver is developing AI in healthcare.Google’s DeepMind was recently criticised after using millions of UK health records to improve AI, but the main criticism was that the health authorities responsible for the data hadn’t gained consent.But data as a tool for advancement is catching on. “Just providing data so that Oracle or Axiom can beef up your profile, so that you can be hit with adverts in a more honed manner, has little public and social value,” said McCann. “But there are cooperative schemes where everyone benefits.”McCann cited a Swiss-based project called Midata, where people can share medical data for the benefit of society. “Members of the co-op can decide to share this mass of data and, within any arrangement with…

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PREMIUM LAPTOPSDell XPS 13 9370Ultraportable from £1,199from dell.co.ukThis 2018 update to the all-dominant Dell XPS 13 keeps tweaks to the minimum: slimmer bezels, eighth-generation Intel Core processors and the promise of even longer battery life are the most important benefits. Just keep in mind that Dell has embraced USB-C ports at the expense of the old-fashioned Type-A variety.REVIEW Issue 284, p54ALTERNATIVESApple MacBook Pro 15in (2018)A machine for true power users with amazing specifications, including that infamous Core i9 – and up to 4TB of SSD storage. From £2,349 from apple.com/ukREVIEW Issue 288, p48Dell XPS 15We all know what to expect from Dell’s XPS 15 range, yet it continues to reign supreme – this time thanks to sheer speed, courtesy of Intel’s latest chips. From £1,179 from dell.co.ukREVIEW Issue 289, p62Huawei…