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Welcome to the world’s No.1 weekly digital photography magazine. If you’re already a reader, thanks for your continued support and involvement; if you’re new to Photography Week, you’ve come to the right place! In addition to expert advice, brilliant tips and step-by-step tutorials, every issue features interactive galleries of the best new photos, how-to videos on essential shooting and editing techniques, and in-depth reviews of the latest camera kit. But that’s not the whole story. Photography Week is more than a magazine – it’s a community of like-minded people who are passionate about photography. To get involved, just follow any of the links below and share your shots and comments – your photo might even appear on our cover! JOIN THE PHOTOGRAPHY WEEK COMMUNITY AND START SHARING! FACEBOOK http://tiny.cc/7s2zgy TWITTER http://tiny.cc/xt2zgy FLICKR http://tiny.cc/nv2zgy We’re more than just a magazine…

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sony unveils the tiny rx0 ii action cam

The 2017 release of the Sony RX0 didn’t create too much buzz, even though it was a tiny stills-and-video camera that could well have given any video or action camera a run for its money. While it had some impressive specs – a 1.0-inch 15.6MP stacked image sensor, Sony’s BIONZ X image processor and a wide-angle Zeissbranded Tessar T* 24mm f/4 fixed lens – that apparently wasn’t enough to attract action cam fans drawn to the likes of GoPro’s range. You could capture 4K video of course, but not internally – you could only record it via HDMI to an external recorder. Now Sony is back with another crack at high-end all-purpose video cameras, in the shape of the RX0 II. It may resemble a small GoPro, but Sony is hoping to…

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i can but try!

PRO TOM SANDBERG Tom is based in Somerset, UK, and shoots all manner of sports for the Pinnacle Photo Agency throughout the south-west of England and beyond. He usually shoots around four professional sports events per week in a variety of disciplines. EDDIE HILL Eddie’s passion for sports photography was reignited when his son played rugby in various national competitions, culminating in a match at Twickenham. His first DSLR was a Nikon D200, and he has steadily upgraded to bigger and better kit, having recently bought a top-end D5 and 500mm f/4 lens.…

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technique assessment

SHUTTER RELEASE Tom says… In continuous autofocus (AF-C) mode, the default setup is for the camera to take the shot as soon the shutter button is pressed – regardless of whether it has achieved focus or not. However, out-of-focus shots are no use at all, and are a waste of space on the memory card and a waste of time to have to trawl through, so I advised Eddie to go to the AF-C Priority Selection menu and set his camera to only take a picture once focus had been achieved. SHOOT MANUAL Tom says… Eddie had been setting aperture priority mode and Auto ISO, so the camera would provide a matching shutter speed for a good exposure. But that won’t necessarily pick a speed that’s fast enough to freeze the action, only…

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hot shot #1

Eddie says… I had previously been opening my lens to its widest aperture, but Tom explained that stopping my 70-200mm down from f/2.8 to f/4 would allow a little more depth of field, so that the entire player I’m focusing on is sharp from front to back, while still blurring the background pleasingly. I’m delighted with this shot, as it not only has both the passing and receiving players in the frame, but, as it was shot square-on to the action, both are beautifully sharp, as are the tackling opposition players. EXPERT INSIGHT SPORT VR MODE Tom says… Some high-end telephoto lenses have an additional sports stabilisation mode. On a Nikon lens like Eddie’s, while normal Vibration Reduction counteracts involuntary movement in handheld shooting, it’s best suited for when the subject is stationary,…

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hot shot #2

Eddie says… Bath put plenty of tries on the opposition, but capturing them wasn’t easy! You need the player to touch down close to where you happen to be, but for the first half all the action was at the far end of the pitch, and in the second half all the scores seemed to be in the far corner; and, of course, many tries are obscured by a mass of bodies defending the tryline. Luckily, Tom Homer crossed the line unobstructed just metres away for this shot, which I captured at the short end of my 70-200mm zoom. Expert insight Processing images Tom uploads his images on the fly, and will whittle 2,000-3,000 shots down to around 50 processed images, ready for the picture editors of sports pages, by the time the…