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Welcome to the world’s No.1 weekly digital photography magazine. If you’re already a reader, thanks for your continued support and involvement; if you’re new to Photography Week, you’ve come to the right place! In addition to expert advice, brilliant tips and step-by-step tutorials, every issue features interactive galleries of the best new photos, how-to videos on essential shooting and editing techniques, and in-depth reviews of the latest camera kit. But that’s not the whole story. Photography Week is more than a magazine – it’s a community of like-minded people who are passionate about photography. To get involved, just follow any of the links below and share your shots and comments – your photo might even appear on our cover! JOIN THE PHOTOGRAPHY WEEK COMMUNITY AND START SHARING! FACEBOOK TWITTER FLICKR We’re more than just a magazine…

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yongnuo unveils fast and affordable canon lens

Yongnuo has announced a new YN 35mm f/1.4C DF UWM lens for Canon full-frame DSLRs, complete with an ultrasonic motor and a USB port for firmware updates. With a maximum aperture of f/1.4 and the famously versatile focal length of 35mm, this fast lens is perfect for landscapes, portraiture, street photography and more. It supports both autofocus and manual focus, and is equipped with an electronic focus ring for high-precision manual focusing. The 35mm f/1.4C has multilayer coating technology to effectively increase light transmittance and control backlight ghosting and flare. In addition, it has a gold-plated contact and high accuracy chrome-plated metal mount to help boost signal conductivity, corrosion resistance and durability. The biggest difference between the new lens and the previous version is the addition of the Ultrasonic Wave Motor (UWM), which…

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make weddings work for you

For most engaged couples, wedding photography plays a pivotal part in their plans for the big day. Being asked to photograph someone’s wedding is something that any photographer worth their salt would never dream of taking on lightly, and being able to cope with this added sense of responsibility and pressure separates wedding snappers from the rest of the pack. Get it right and your career as a wedding photographer will be incredibly rewarding, both emotionally and financially. But get it wrong, and you risk ruining one of the most important days of a person’s life. No pressure then! That’s why any sensible person looking to venture into the world of wedding photography will do their research and make sure that they have their head in the game before even thinking…

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get organised

A head of the big day, there’s a fair amount of preparation to be undertaken in order to make sure everything runs smoothly. This all really starts from the point of first contact with a perspective client. Typically, the first question a couple will ask you is: “Are you available on our wedding day?” This enquiry could come via a multitude of formats – email, a phone call, or face to face at a wedding fair – so it’s important that you have a reliable calendar system in place that you can access at all times, so that you can provide a quick answer and get the conversation moving forward. A physical diary is fine if you’re happy to lug it around with you, although arguably a more efficient option is…

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learn to say no

Turning down a job is never an easy thing to do, especially when you’re trying to earn a crust – but if you really don’t feel like you’re the right person for the job, you’ll save yourself a world of hurt by having the guts to say no when your intuition tells you to. USE A SUPPORT Do yourself a favour and invest in a decent camera strap or support system from day one. After 12-plus hours on your feet, a well-designed camera support could be the difference between a good night’s rest or a night of back pain!…

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work with your surroundings

Learning how to think on your feet when something doesn’t go to plan is part and parcel of being a wedding photographer. Time will be scarce on the wedding day, even if it’s efficiently run, so you’ll be expected to take charge and provide solutions to any problems that arise. Assuming that the weather conditions are good, there’s also the venue to contend with; and if the venue isn’t all that pleasing on the eye, it’ll be your role to try and make it at least appear so in the photos. One way of doing this is by turning your attention to the bride and groom, who no doubt will be immaculately turned out. Switch over to a longer focal length lens and try capturing some close-ups of the couple having…