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canon unveils eos 90d, m6 ii and new rf lenses

Canon has finally announced the highly anticipated and much-leaked EOS 90D DSLR, alongside the EOS M6 Mk II mirrorless camera and two new RF series lenses, the RF 15-35mm f/2.8L IS USM and RF 24-70mm f/2.8L IS USM. The 90D joins Canon’s enthusiast-level DSLR stable, replacing the 80D that arrived back in 2016. A number of the 80D’s features have been either boosted, or tweaked at the very least, the sensor among them. In place of the 80D’s APS-C 24.2MP sensor, the EOS 90D gets a fresh 32.5MP sensor that can record both 4K and Full HD video. The new camera is driven by the DIGIC 8 processing engine seen in several recent models, and this enables it to fire bursts of images at 11fps in live view, or 10fps when using…

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panasonic unveils s1h with 6k video and 24.4mp sensor

Panasonic has announced the full specifications of its Lumix S1H 6K cinema camera. This is the third camera in the Lumix S range, and where the Lumix S1R is designed for outright resolution in stills photography and the Lumix S1 is a stills/video all-rounder, the Lumix S1H is a cinema camera first and foremost It follows in the footsteps of Panasonic’s Micro Four Thirds GH series, which proved that digital still cameras can offer the video features and quality that professional filmmaking requires. The Lumix S1H takes this to the next level, with a full-frame sensor, 6K video capture (yes, 6K) and compatibility with 46 current and planned L-mount lenses. Lumix S1H video features This is where the reputation of the Panasonic Lumix S1H will be made. This is the first camera capable…

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model behaviour

PRO NATASHA J BELLA A successful model, Natasha learnt the tricks of the trade of lighting while posing for photographers. She found herself passing on suggestions to hobbyist photographers who had booked her, and she now offers one-to-one tuition and group workshops in her own studio. As a photographer, she specializes in boudoir shoots. APPRENTICE ALESSANDRO MASTELLONE Alessandro is originally from Italy but is now based in Brighton. He works for a hotel group and semi-professionally as a photographer, and wants to expand his repertoire into beauty photography. While he has some experience with studio lights, Alessandro felt he needed advice on how to get the best results when shooting models.…

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technique assessment

EXPOSURE SETTINGS Natasha says… In manual mode, I suggest base settings of ISO100 for best quality, 1/125 sec and f/8, which will not only give a good depth of field, but is also where most lenses are at their sharpest. We can then either adjust the power of the lights, or the aperture, to get the exposure we want. WHITE BALANCE Natasha says… Although shooting raw means we can change the white balance later, aim to get the image as perfect as possible in-camera. Alessandro had understandably set Flash white balance, but this gives quite a cold, clinical look. I prefer to use the Direct Sunlight mode, which gives a warmer feel to shots. SHOOTING & AF MODE Natasha says… Alessandro was using Continuous Low drive mode on his Nikon DSLR, but I asked him…

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how to: process beauty shots

1 CROP AND STRAIGHTEN Natasha says… Shoot wide, not only so the model has room to flow from one pose to the next, but so you have more options in choosing the final crop. A symmetrical pose would look ideal centred, whereas something else might need more negative space to one side. 2 SKIN RETOUCHING Natasha says… Blemish removal and skin smoothing is an essential part of processing creative portraits and beauty shots. Frequency Separation is a popular method that creates flawless skin and still maintains a natural texture. I mask the area to apply the skin smoothing, avoiding the eyes, lips and eyebrows. 3 VIGNETTES Natasha says… Love or hate them, adding a vignette can help draw the viewer’s eye to the main subject by creating a subtle spotlight effect. I like to use…