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Photoshop Creative Annual

Photoshop Creative Annual

Vol 2

Whether you’re a beginner using Photoshop Elements or an experienced Photoshop user, this book includes step-by-step guides that will both teach you the basics and challenge you to get more creative. Follow the tutorials and master essential techniques on how to edit your photos, manipulate images to make surreal masterpieces, and create striking paintings and illustrations. Featuring: Photoshop basics - Get to grips with the most essential tools in Photoshop Elements. Photo editing - Discover the retouching skills you need to perfect your photos. Surreal art - Master the art of photomanipulation and learn to composite fantasy scenes. Digital art - Practise digital illustration and painting techniques to make striking masterpieces.

United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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welcome to photoshop® creative annual

A compilation of the very best content from Photoshop Creative magazine over the past year, this book is packed with fantastic tutorials to help you master Photoshop. Divided into clear sections covering the basics, photo editing, surreal art and digital art, we’ll show you how to retouch your photos, manipulate images into fantasy scenes, create striking paintings and illustrations, and much more. Our in-depth features showcase some of the best artwork from professional artists, including expert advice and tips on how to get the most out of Photoshop. On top of all this, we’ve included some fantastic resources for you to use in your projects, including brushes, actions, gradients, textures, backgrounds and fonts to help you get more out of Photoshop. There are also start files and stock images that…

10 min.
10 pro photo effects

NO1 SUBTLE DOUBLEEXPOSURE EFFECTS Double exposure can be very effective, especially when used subtly, as on the model’s neckline in this image. Digital artist Kevin Roodhorst (www.kevinroodhorst.com) blended a lot of different techniques to create this striking photo composition. As well as the aforementioned double-exposure effect (see the steps), he used a combination of adjustment layers to blend everything together, including Color Balance, Selective Color and Curves for overall grading and toning. Photoshop is king when it comes to adding photo effects to your compositions and retouches. It is packed with tools, features and filters that help you to create hundreds of different looks. It is easy to go overboard with effects, and too many can ruin an artwork, but applied sensitively and professionally, photo effects can transform your designs. In this feature…

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create instagram style photos

What does it mean? FILL LAYERS – Fill Layers are Smart Objects that can fill in your layer with either a solid colour or a gradient. Unlike filling in a layer manually, they adjust with your project; this means you can create a gradient in the exact centre, or fill in your layer with a colour, and the layers won’t change if you crop outwards. In the 21st century, everyone’s a photographer thanks to cameras on smartphones. Not only is photography easier to practise, but it’s also easier to share thanks to social media. There are countless apps that you can download to follow others, ‘like’ their imagery and share your own phone photography. Instagram is perhaps the defining photo-sharing app and, with its retro filters and simple sliders, it has helped to…

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make a shaped photo montage

It’s become so much easier to quickly capture special moments in our lives, or to have a wonderful account of our most important moments. But all too often we leave these treasured memories on an SD card hidden away in a drawer, or on a hard drive where we rarely get to appreciate them. Yet these photographs are often the perfect starting point for creating artwork, ideal for displaying in your home. In this tutorial, we’ll be creating a shaped photo montage. In this case we are using wedding photos and a heart shape, but you can follow along using photos of your own. If you would rather choose a different subject, why not try a holiday theme? Or the first year of a child’s life? You can even use a…

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produce fantasy artwork

In this straightforward tutorial you will explore a range of professional tools available in Photoshop Elements and transform an ordinary photo into a beautiful, surreal composition. You will be surprised at how much you can do with just a basic knowledge of the tools and lots of creativity. You’ll start by creating a gradient background and then apply different techniques, such as blend modes and filters, to create an interesting effect. You’ll learn how to use the Quick Selection tool and the Refine Edge command to create accurate selections and masks. We’ll also cover how to work with custom brushes and modify their settings to add bubbles and other great effects. Photoshop Elements has a very easy and intuitive interface, making it easier for beginners or enthusiastic artists to get to grips…

7 min.
compose a miniature scene with masks

Photoshop Elements has many great tools to manipulate images and create fantastic compositions. This tutorial will teach you how to work with basic tools and mask techniques to create a surreal artwork. You’ll start with the Gradient tool to create the background. Next, you’ll work extensively with the Quick Selection tool to select objects and create masks. Finally you’ll learn how to apply adjustment layers, create clipping masks and use other techniques to edit the images. Layer masks are one of the most important features in Elements. They enable you to mask areas in your image without changing original pixels. You can control the layer’s transparency by applying greyscale tones to make it more or less opaque or transparent. We’ll apply this technique to make the light bulb slightly opaque and…