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Pioneer Woman

Pioneer Woman

Spring 2020

Ree Drummond shares her enthusiasm for the simple joys in life and inspires readers with her newest creation, The Pioneer Woman Magazine. Each issue is like a day with a good friend, full of helpful advice, great recipes, fun shopping and heartfelt stories – and lots of laughs.

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pioneer woman

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here comes the sun!

First, can we all take a moment and agree that the last few months of winter were a cold, wet, muddy, slushy, windy, miserable, unbearably brutal time? (Or was that just here in northern Oklahoma?) Ladd and I had our fireplace going nonstop from November to March (our well-loved house is, well…drafty!), and we blew through almost six ricks of wood. I think I’ve repeated this same sentiment for the last five years, but I will say it again: I have never been so darn happy to see spring arrive! Spring, even more than January 1, feels like the start of a new year for me. And I can’t wait for what’s to come! This year, I’ll be shooting 43 (that’s forty-three!) episodes of my Food Network show, so I’ve been…

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talk to me!

What is your dream Mother’s Day gift? —Stephanie Sengwe, New York City I would love any spa treatment, like a three-hour pedicure—that would be heaven! I’m also a big fan of breakfast in bed. The kids used to make it when they were little, but now that the girls are out of the house and the boys are grown, it doesn’t happen very often. These days, with the kids off in different directions, I’m happy (thrilled!) with a kiss on the cheek from whatever child is around! After you’ve finished filming an episode of your show, what happens to all the food? —Lisa Villanueva, Pawtucket, RI We try very hard not to waste food. If my family doesn’t finish it off, the crew definitely will. And in those cases when the food needs to be…

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to the letter

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double take

Ree’s look “I like to jazz up a T-shirt with a burst of pink! Short sleeves aren’t my favorite, so this is the perfect ‘fix.’”—Ree Jamie’s look “Simplicity and comfort are my life. What better way to express that than with a Merc tee and some accessories?”—Jamie PHOTOS: KEVIN SWEENEY/STUDIO D; STYLING: ANNE WLAYSEWSKI.…

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it's a tie

Bolo ties might not be the first accessories that come to mind when you think of Western wear, but the leather and silver neckties have been an essential part of cowboy and Native American heritage since the 1950s. They’re the official state neckwear for Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, and politicians, actors and musicians across the country have turned them into a bona fide fashion statement. Even luxury clothing brands have taken note: Yves Saint Laurent included a silver heart bolo tie in a recent collection, while Versace crafted one featuring the brand’s Medusa logo. The ties apparently came to be by accident. As the story goes, silversmith Victor Emanuel Cedarstaff was riding his horse and his hat kept blowing off. To prevent losing the silver-trimmed hatband, he wore it…