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Ree Drummond shares her enthusiasm for the simple joys in life and inspires readers with her newest creation, The Pioneer Woman Magazine. Each issue is like a day with a good friend, full of helpful advice, great recipes, fun shopping and heartfelt stories – and lots of laughs.

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what a gift!

I was so fun to give presents to when I was young. I used to drive my older brother crazy on Christmas morning because I always reacted so enthusiastically (and sometimes dramatically) to every gift I opened. I’d slowly peel back the wrapping paper, delight at what was inside (whether it was Love’s Baby Soft perfume, a sweater or a Madame Alexander doll) and loudly ooh and aah and jump around. My grandmother always told me that she most looked forward to Christmas at our house because she got such a kick out of watching me open presents. It was entertainment for her! I can’t put my finger on why receiving gifts ignited such excitement in my soul back then—or why I felt the need to dance around and proclaim my…

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talk to me!

What’s your go-to dish to make for Thanksgiving?—Brenda Groesbeck, Sand Springs, OK Stuffing, which is actually both stuffing and dressing in our house. My father-inlaw and I are the only ones who like it cooked in the bird; everyone else likes it baked in a pan. I love stuffing because you can change it up with ingredients like dried fruit or roasted veggies. I usually make a traditional stuffing and then a separate batch that’s a little bit different. This year, I’m going back to an old favorite and making the recipe on page 77. What holiday activities do you love doing with your kids?—Jessica Ochs, Houston I love, love, love making cinnamon rolls with my kids (find my recipe at thepioneerwoman.com/cinnamonrolls). These days they’re so busy that it doesn’t happen every year,…

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ree's holiday gift guide

For Cowgirls For Cowboys Ree says: “Shhh… I’m getting Ladd the shirt, the watch and the mitts!” For Little Cowpokes For Pioneer Pets PRODUCED BY ERICA FINAMORE AND JAMIE M. WILSON. TRUCK: GETTY IMAGES.…

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double take

Ree’s look “I love a basic turtleneck, especially a long one that I can wear with leggings. Simple and sleek!” —Ree Amiyrah’s look “A sweater like this is a staple piece, so I don’t mind spending a little more on it. It’s also the perfect item to dress up for the holidays!” —Amiyrah Marcella Belt, $38; 4hatsandfrugal.com PRODUCED BY JAMIE M. WILSON. PHOTOS AND STYLING: ALISON GOOTEE. MARTIN PORTRAIT: JANE GOODRICH PHOTOGRAPHY.…

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cover up!

Ree’s cover look “I love the colors of blanket coats, but their warmth is what makes them so magical!”—Ree What’s a blanket coat? The term describes outerwear that’s less structured than most coats. Blanket coats originated with Native American tribes: In the Southwest, Navajo people often wrapped and tied woven blankets around themselves, while in the Great Lakes region and Canada, tribes would stitch waterproof blankets from Hudson’s Bay Company into loose coats. PRODUCED BY JAMIE M. WILSON. BLANKET COAT PHOTOS AND STYLING: ALISON GOOTEE (5). BACKGROUND PHOTO: RALPH SMITH.…

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mad about plaid

To me, plaid is synonymous with the holidays—Ladd, the kids and I almost always break out matching plaid flannel pajamas for Christmas Eve. There’s something about the pattern that feels so cozy to me! I’ve loved plaid since I was a kid: For my confirmation in sixth grade I wore a Black Watch tartan Gunne Sax dress, which was the best thing I’d ever seen in my life. The pattern looks a lot like something you’d spot on Drummond Ranch today. Ladd often wears plaid shirts at work, and Paige even wore one when she dressed up as me for Halloween last year. (I challenged her to name an instance when she had seen me wear a plaid shirt, and she explained that she doesn’t own any florals. The apple…