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Pioneer Woman Spring 2021

Ree Drummond shares her enthusiasm for the simple joys in life and inspires readers with her newest creation, The Pioneer Woman Magazine. Each issue is like a day with a good friend, full of helpful advice, great recipes, fun shopping and heartfelt stories – and lots of laughs.

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that thing you brew

Even before she opened her own coffee shop at her store and restaurant, The Mercantile, Ree obsessed over making a barista-level cup of joe at home. “For years I’ve been drinking cold brew with milk, a splash of cream, a little sweetener and a little hazelnut syrup,” she says. “I look forward to that first sip the minute I wake up. It literally propels me out of bed in the morning.” If you feel the same about your morning brew—or you just live with a coffee lover—read on. These recipes, tricks and cute mugs are sure to perk you up! BY ERICA FINAMORE AND KATE TROMBLY O’BRIEN. PHOTO: YUNHEE KIM; FOOD STYLING: CHRISTINE ALBANO; PROP STYLING: MARINA MALCHIN.…

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a perfect pair

Anyone who follows Ree’s blog probably remembers her posts about her oldest daughter Alex and Alex’s, ahem, friend, Mauricio Scott. For years, Ree couldn’t bring herself to call Mauricio Alex’s boyfriend—but it wasn’t because she had doubts about him! “The first time Ladd and I met Mauricio, we thought he was so fun, kind and likeable,” says Ree. “I can’t explain why I wouldn’t say ‘boyfriend’ for so long, but I think I was afraid of using the word in the same way Elaine Benes poked fun at that woman at a party who kept talking about her fiancé on Seinfeld. I never wanted to say, ‘This is Alex’s boyfriend, Mauricio’ and ‘Alex’s boyfriend, Mauricio, did this…’ I have funny hang-ups!” Ree doesn’t have to worry anymore, because as of…

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best in glass

If you opened a box of Wonder Ware Oats in the early 1930s, there’s a good chance you would have found a new glass sherbet bowl tucked inside. Depression glass, as these colorful pieces of tableware are now called, were a bright spot during tough times: They were made during the Great Depression to appeal to families who couldn’t afford crystal—and they were so cheap to produce that companies gave them away for free. Gas stations offered glassware with the purchase of a full tank, and some movie theaters hosted “dish nights” to boost ticket sales. If you wanted to actually pay for the glassware, you could buy a 20-piece set for less than $2. Depression glass is now highly collectible, and it has inspired much of the glassware we…

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pop quiz

1 A yellow rose symbolizes: A. Love B. Innocence C. Friendship 2 What is a rose hip? A. The petal B. The fruit that grows on a rose bush C. A cluster of three or more blooms 3 Many people call the sharp protrusions that grow on rose stems “thorns,” but that’s incorrect. What are they actually called? A. Prickles B. Spines C. Burrs 4 How long is a long-stem rose? A. About one foot B. About two feet C. About three feet 5 How many pounds of petals does it take to make one ounce of rose oil for perfume? A. 5 B. 95 C. 250…

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leggings for days

Last year I ditched my “hard pants” (a.k.a. jeans) for “pandemic pants” (a.k.a. leggings), and I haven’t looked back. Black leggings have become my daily uniform, and I’ve found Lululemon’s Wunder Under leggings to be a woman’s best friend! They don’t judge me and they try their best to make me look good. I’ve styled my leggings all different ways—I even ordered a leather pair on a whim. At this rate I may never go back to wearing jeans! If you’re feeling the same way, here are a few fun outfit ideas for you. —Ree Around Town Use leggings as the neutral base for a fun outfit. Try a flowy peasant-style tunic on top and finish the look with cowboy boots! “I’m not usually a high-waisted-pants type, but for leggings, it works!” Date Night Anyone can…

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mix it up!

Ree’s fans ask about her customized stand mixers almost as often as they ask about Ladd and the kids. The colorful KitchenAids were hand-painted by Washington-based artist Nicole Dinardo with a beautiful pattern of roses, daisies and hydrangeas, and you can buy exact replicas of them from Nicole’s shop, But that’s not the only way to give your machine a personalized look. With vinyl decals you can make over your mixer in just a few minutes for less than $20! The stickers below are made to fit a KitchenAid’s curves and come in nearly any design you can imagine. Take a look and see what sticks! BY ERICA FINAMORE.; BUFF STRICKLAND.…