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I try and find something to love in every season, but I have to admit, winter starts to get a little tough after the festivities of Christmas are over. Especially in a year like this one, the short, cold days can be difficult, so the early signs of spring are definitely something to be celebrated. The days start drawing out, so we’re no longer starting and finishing work in the dark, and the flowers start to bloom, adding some much needed colour to nature. Last year’s early spring lockdown saw a boom in people growing their own veg; if you want to give it a go this year, turn to page 30 where we’ve got some tips and advice. Mother’s Day also rolls around again this month; if you’re lucky enough to…

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michelin star awarded to french vegan restaurant

A restaurant in France has become the first vegan eatery in the country to be awarded a Michelin star. ONA (Origine Non Animale) is owned by Claire Vallée. The Michelin Guide review said about the restaurant, located in Arès: “A tasty journey through an unexpected gastronomy, which is expressed in all its complexity in the evening, around a 7-part menu. This original and creative table deserves your full attention.” ONA was also awarded a Green Star, which rewards strong ethical practices. A number of restaurants in Great Britain and Ireland also received Green Stars, including hypha, a vegan restaurant in Chester. Nicholas Friar, hypha’s owner, said: “We are over the moon with the recent accolade. To be in the company of 22 other restaurants we hold in such high esteem truly is…

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billboard asks uk’s least vegan-friendly city to change

A billboard has been erected in Bradford by PETA (, after a recent survey ranked the West Yorkshire city as the least vegan-friendly in the UK. The research, carried out by, looked at 30 cities, taking into account the number of vegan-friendly restaurants, organic health food shops, vegan supplement stores, and how many vegan-related searches were made per month, per 1000 of the city’s population. While Bristol came out on top, Bradford was found to be the least vegan-friendly, despite having 129 vegan-friendly eateries. The city has only 10 organic health shops, seven supplement stores, and made the second-least amount of vegan-related Google searches (0.58 per 1000 compared to Bristol’s 3.43). “PETA wants the UK’s vegan-unfriendliest city to turn over a new leaf in 2021 and start opting for delicious…

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march events

Gut Health: Fermentation & Drying 16 th March – online In a 45 minute workshop, CNM Natural Chef’s Rachel De Thample will share four tips to enhance your food at home using preserving techniques including drying and fermentation. From £5, Plant Powered Expo 19th-21st March – online From the team behind VegfestUK comes the second Plant Powered Expo, an exclusively online event for 2021. The first day will be a dedicated Trade and Media Day, with the event open to the public on Saturday and Sunday. Free, Should we go vegan to save the world? 23rd March – online Climate Action Ilkley host a discussion on the merits of adopting a vegan diet in response to the climate and ecological emergency. Free,…

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tell me more about… tahini

With a consistency similar to peanut butter, tahini is made from toasted ground sesame seeds. Originating from the Middle East, it’s often used as an ingredient in dishes such as hummus and baba ganoush. Tahini is full of healthy fats and various vitamins and minerals, including phosphorous and manganese, and vitamins B1 and B6. It’s possible to make your own tahini by roasting sesame seeds, and then processing them until they are crumbly, and adding oil. Tahini is also widely available to buy in supermarkets. It can be used to add a nutty, creamy taste to a variety of dishes, or used as a dip for vegetables or spread on toast.…

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pb hero of the month

Jay and Katja Wilde The stars of BAFTA-winning documentary, 73 Cows, husband-and-wife team Jay and Katja famously sent their herd of cows to an animal sanctuary, as they could no longer face sending them to slaughter. With the help of Refarm’d (, an organisation helping dairy farmers to switch to making plant milks, Jay and Katja are now producing oat milk. Born into farming, Jay’s journey has been a long one, but in 2017, he and Katja made the decision to rehome their cows with Hillside Animal Sanctuary, and started the process of transitioning Bradley Nook Farm and planting crops. They partnered with Refarm’d to create and distribute Jay & Katja’s Oat Drink, which is now available on a subscription basis to be collected from a number of locations local to the…