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PlantBased is the ultimate resource for vegan recipes. Our aim is to provide you with vegan meal ideas that are easy to follow and simple to cook; no matter your reasons for eating a plant-based diet – whether you’re meat reducing or vegan curious – our delicious recipes can cater for every lifestyle. This is vegan food like you’ve never seen it before!

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It’s hard to believe that we are sending the October issue out in the world; it doesn’t seem like that long ago that we were starting 2021, full of hope, and here we are again at the tail-end of another year. Before we head into end-of-year shenanigans though, we’re celebrating all that October has to offer, starting with Halloween, of course! Any celebration starts with the food for me, so while I won’t be trick-or-treating anytime soon (I’m possibly too old), I’ll be enjoying baking up a storm with some fun and spooky dishes and using up all those vibrant pumpkins that are in abundance at this time of year. We have some excellent ideas to share with you this month, perfect for any parties you’re throwing – you don’t want…

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product of the month

Nourished Personalised Stack Bespoke vegan gummy vitamins, designed by you, freshly 3D printed by Nourished. Simply visit the Nourished website, take the quiz and they will recommend a unique personalised stack packed full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals suited to your mind and body. All products are plastic-free, vegan and sugar-free. £35.99, PB Question of the Month We asked our followers on Instagram: DO YOU EVER FEEL INTIMIDATED WORKING OUT IN THE GYM? YES 75% NO 25% It can sometimes feel a bit daunting heading into the gym to start working out, but it doesn’t have to be scary! Head to page 41 for our top tips.…

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farmers back calls for uk to eat less meat

Following the release of the government-commissioned National Food Strategy report, UK farmers have written an open letter backing calls to reduce meat consumption. The report was led by businessman Henry Dimbleby; amongst other recommendations, it suggested raising taxes to extend free school meal provision and support better diets amongst poorer people. It also recommended that the UK government set a target to reduce the nation’s meat consumption by 30 per cent over the next decade, and help farmers to transition to more sustainable farming methods. In response, the Food, Farming and Countryside Commission ( published an open letter addressed to George Eustace, Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, endorsing the recommendations laid out by the National Food Strategy. Signed by people representing a number of organisations, the letter read:…

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october events

Bournemouth Vegan Festival 9th October – Citygate Centre - £4 With 60 vegan and animal rights/welfare stalls, world food caterers, demos, and inspirational talks taking place throughout the day. VIP tickets are available including a goody bag. Lancaster Vegan Market 10th October – Dalton Square – Free Taking place in the centre of the city, this vegan market will include up to 50 stalls, with a variety of street food, craft cheeses, handmade cosmetics, ethical clothing and jewellery and charity stalls. Chippenham Vegan Chocolate Festival 24th October – Neeld Community and Arts Centre - £2 Alongside this vegan chocolate festival is an eco art and craft market; expect chocolatiers and cake bakers as well as a range of artists and makers creating handmade products.…

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tell me more about…cinnamon

A spice that comes from the inner bark of the trees of the Cinnamomum family, cinnamon is a popular household spice across the world. The bark is peeled from the tree and dried, curling up into sticks. Cinnamon can be purchased as sticks, or in ground powder form. It’s commonly used in baking, as well as in curries; with its warm flavour and smell, it’s a popular addition. It’s also been found to have various nutritional benefits. Cinnamon contains polyphenol antioxidants, as well as anti-inflammatory properties. It’s a spice with prebiotic benefits, helping to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, and evidence also suggests that it could help reduce blood pressure.…

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quote of the month

“I hear quite often: ‘shouldn’t we all just eat less but better quality meat?’ Animal products find their way in to every facet of our food by stealth. From milk in crisps to beef in kids sweets. This has all happened quietly and without restriction, but we now consume animals almost constantly, which all add up, via the enormous carbon footprint, to the global environmental disaster we are all witnessing.” Alexis Gauthier, founder of Gauthier Soho, which transitioned to a full vegan menu in July.…