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Practical Photoshop July 2019

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Practical Photoshop is the world’s premier Photoshop magazine, a monthly guide to the best Photoshop techniques, tips and tricks. Inside each issue you’ll find an array of inspirational tutorials and accompanying video lessons that will help you master Adobe’s collection of industry standard photo-editing software. What’s more, there’s a selection of amazing images from the world’s best Photoshop creatives, free downloadable content, and a beginner’s guide to the basics. If you love photography and you want to learn more about digital imaging, then Practical Photoshop will help you to unleash your creative potential.

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editor notes

“Welcome to issue 100 of Practical Photoshop! If you enjoy the issue, why not subscribe and get a whole year for just $19.99?” This is the 100th issue of Practical Photoshop, and I’ve been involved since issue 1. It’s been an incredible journey, and I’d like to thank you all for making it possible. To celebrate our century in style, we’ve compiled our best-ever list of Photoshop tips. Enjoy this very special issue! James Paterson • WATCH THE VIDEO Download the project files To download this issue's files, type the following link into your web browser on your PC or Mac: Find us here… Also available on:…

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100 photoshop tips

WATCH THE VIDEO 1 SPEEDY SKIN SOFTENING WITH TEXTURE The new Texture adjustment in Camera Raw or Lightroom works wonders over skin. Grab the Adjustment Brush and dial in a negative value, then paint over skin for a nice softening effect that retains the texture of the skin, while smoothing out any imperfections and rough patches. WATCH THE VIDEO 2 LIFT SKIN TONES QUICKLY Often skin tones will benefit from a gentle lift to the luminance of the red, yellow or orange color range. A simple way to do this is with the Targeted Adjustment Tool in Camera Raw. Simply grab the tool, right-click and choose Luminance, then drag upwards slightly over the subject’s skin to lift it. WATCH THE VIDEO 3 CREATE A CONTACT SHEET A contact sheet can be a quick and easy way to display…

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power of the pen

WATCH THE VIDEO It might be one of the trickier tools on offer in Photoshop, but the Pen Tool rewards those who persevere with a control like no other. It works by letting you plot a series of anchor points. Each anchor point spouts control handles that let you determine the curvature of the line. At first it might seem complicated and unwieldy, but with some practice the controls become second nature. In this tutorial we’ll use the Pen Tool to trace around the car, then use a Layer Mask to hide the original background and drop in an entirely new one. There are different selection tools for different tasks in Photoshop. If you want to make a rough selection, you might use the Lasso Tool; if you want to select a…

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step by step mightier than the sword

01 START A PATH Open the provided start image car_before.jpeg and grab the Pen Tool. In the options in the top toolbar, set the mode to Path then click the cog and check ‘Rubber Band’ (this attaches a line to your cursor). Click once on the top of the car, then click and drag to make an initial curved line. 02 HUG THE EDGES Hold down Cmd/Ctrl and drag the anchor point or its two control handles to change either the position or the curvature of the line. Fine-tune the positioning so that the anchor point hugs the outline of the car. Click and drag again to make more anchors and trace along the edges of the car. 03 SHARP CORNERING If you need the path to make a sharp turn, hold down Alt and…

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sharpen the smart way

WATCH THE VIDEO Most sharpening commands offer just a few simple controls—usually a strength or amount setting and a radius. By contrast, Photoshop’s Smart Sharpen command gives you a host of different options. It’s for anyone who wants to apply controlled, methodical sharpening to their photos. In this tutorial we’ll explore the key settings and controls you need to know to get the most out of this advanced sharpening tool. Smart Sharpen is one of the two best sharpening commands in Photoshop: the other is Unsharp Mask. Of the two, Smart Sharpen offers a greater range of features. As well as these two sharpening filters, there’s also the excellent Detail panel in Camera Raw – but the Detail panel should be thought of as a ‘capture sharpening’ tool, to be applied in…

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If you’re relatively new to editing in Photoshop, or you just don’t know where to begin, then this section is the best place to get started. Over the next 10 pages, you’ll find an overview of the different versions of Photoshop available; a breakdown of the typical image-editing workflow in Photoshop; an overview of raw file editing; a guide to the six most useful layers; and a glossary of the most useful shortcuts. This guide condenses most of the tools and techniques you’ll use every time you import a new roll of pictures.…