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Practical Photoshop November 2017

Practical Photoshop is the world’s premier Photoshop magazine, a monthly guide to the best Photoshop techniques, tips and tricks. Inside each issue you’ll find an array of inspirational tutorials and accompanying video lessons that will help you master Adobe’s collection of industry standard photo-editing software. What’s more, there’s a selection of amazing images from the world’s best Photoshop creatives, free downloadable content, and a beginner’s guide to the basics. If you love photography and you want to learn more about digital imaging, then Practical Photoshop will help you to unleash your creative potential.

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“Welcome to issue 80 of Practical Photoshop! If you enjoy the issue, why not subscribe and get a whole year for just $19.99?” On hearing the news about Lightroom, I was convinced I wouldn’t like the new cloud-focused app. After all, why mess with a winning formula? But it has to be said, it’s beautifully executed and makes photo-editing a joy. I’m completely won over! Find out all about the new app in this issue’s main feature. James Paterson, Editor • james.paterson@futurenet.com www.digitalcameraworld.com WAT CH THE VIDEO http://tiny.cc/h9bbjy DOWNLOAD THE PROJECT FILES To download this issue's files, type the following link into your web browser on your PC or Mac: http://tiny.cc/fitdoy FIND US HERE… http://bit.ly/practweet http://bit.ly/pracface Also available on: http://tiny.cc/4dw9ky http://tiny.cc/rew9ky http://tiny.cc/8ew9ky…

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new photoshop and lightroom!

The yearly round of Photoshop and Lightroom updates is upon us. Timed to coincide with Adobe’s Max conference, we’re used to seeing these annual updates to our favorite imageediting apps. But this year, eyebrows are raised a little higher than usual. The major change is in Lightroom, with the introduction of a new Lightroom CC app to go alongside the existing desktop version, which is rebranded as Lightroom Classic. Photoshop CC and Elements also see plenty of performance improvements and new tools. Over the following pages we’ll have in-depth analysis and helpful videos to get you up to speed with all the fresh features.... DOWNLOAD THE PROJECT FILE S HERE http://tiny.cc/fitdoy ON YOUR PC OR MAC…

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what you need to know about lightroom cc

LIGHTROOM CC: A BRAND-NEW APP Haven’t we been using Lightroom CC for years? Yes, but there’s been an important change. ‘Lightroom CC’ refers to a new app geared towards cloudbased editing, optimized to work across your desktop, mobile, tablet and web. The Lightroom we know and love has been rebranded as ‘Lightroom Classic’. WHY THE SPLIT? Effectively, there are now two different versions of Lightroom for you to choose from: Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic. Classic caters for those who prefer a file/folder/local storage editing workflow. WHAT’S SO GOOD ABOUT SEARCH? Lightroom CC’s Search bar is a revelation. Utilizing the Adobe Sensei system of deep learning and machine intelligence, the Search feature in Lightroom CC can pull out images from your library without any prior keywording or tagging. It does this by analyzing the content…

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lightroom cc: your guided tour

WATCH THE VIDEO http://tiny.cc/k2rdoy Lightroom CC is easy to pick up but retains almost all of Lightroom Classic’s most powerful image-editing tools. A typical Lightroom CC workflow might work as follows… You begin by choosing a set of photos in the ‘My Photos’ tab on the left, or import new photos with the plus icon, then switch to the right side to edit the photos. This right side houses all the tools and sliders Lightroom users will be familiar with. They’re organized differently – categorized as Light, Color, Details, Effects, Optics and Geometry. In this guide we’ll take you through a Lightroom CC workflow, from importing a set of photos to starring, editing and saving. 01 IMPORT YOUR NEW PHOTOS Open Lightroom CC and click the plus icon. Navigate to your folder of images…

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color range and luminance masking unleashed

Color Range and Luminance are two new masking settings. You can find them in Camera Raw and Lightroom Classic (but not Lightroom CC), within the three Adjustment tools – the Adjustment Brush, the Radial Filter and the Graduated Filter. Previously these three tools let you define an area by painting with the brush or adding a circular or linear gradient. These new settings act as a ‘sub-mask’ within the filter area, letting you target and adjust specific colors or portions of the tonal range. So after plotting a Graduated Filter over a sky then dialling in negative exposure, you can use Color Range so that the grad only affects the blues in the sky. WATCH THE VIDEO http://tiny.cc/n8rdoy 01 ADD DRAMA TO SKIES After darkening a sky with the Graduated Filter, you can enable…

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photoshop cc 2018: what’s new?

LEARN PANEL A new Learn panel is designed to help beginners find their way around Photoshop. It takes you through a range of simple photo edits, from changing the warmth of an image to creating a composite. As you work through the steps, blue panels hover over the interface, guiding you where to click and what to do. It’s a useful tool for those new to Photoshop, or any users who are in need of a refresher. Another new feature for beginners are rich tool tips. Now when you hover over the 20 most-used tools, like the Clone tool or the Dodge tool, you’ll see an animation that demonstrates how it works. BRUSH ENHANCEMENTS Photoshop’s Brush tool has seen major improvements, with new features like stroke smoothing, symmetrical painting and a new preset…