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Practical Sportsbikes July 2020

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Practical Sportsbikes magazine is about buying, fixing, restoring and riding sportsbikes from the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s. Every issue of PS – the magazine home of new-wave Japanese and Italian classics – is packed with: - The most inspiring and ingenious reader restorations - The most in-depth road tests and buyers’ guides - Unmissable workshop tips and how-to features Practical Sportsbikes gets under the skin of the bikes that really matter to our readers and explains how best to maintain, rebuild and enjoy them. So if you’re in to sportsbikes from the 1970-1990s, PS is essential reading.

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The peak has come, and we’re on the downward slope. Summer is here, and the British people are allowed to ride bikes for pleasure (within reason, and even more mindful than usual of not doing anything stupid, that is). We wouldn’t want to be glib and suggest all is hunky-dory now, but I think you’ll agree, a bit of sun and happiness in our lives is gladly received at the moment. Hopefully the July issue of PSPB is a little ray of sunshine, and a dash of the outside world, in your isolation spot, as well as performing its usual almost-useful/semi-informative/a bit like entertainment functions. It’s certainly afforded us a bit of housebound escapism producing the features: poring over the photoshoot of John Robson’s ZRX1200, looking for all the little touches…

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the team

Damian Smith Art Editor Damo has not felt the mental strain of being separated from friends, because he doesn’t have any. Don’t pity him though – that’s the way he likes it, the anti-social git. damian.smith@pspb.co.uk Mark Graham Production Editor He’d probably be cross at being swindled out of a set of brake discs (p102), but he’s borderline senile and has forgotten he has the donor bike, let alone the brakes. mark.graham@pspb.co.uk Alan Seeley Technical Editor The Bard of Bude is greatly missing his Ducati 900SS. The Ducati on the other hand, is grateful for the respite, safely isolated in a Cambridgeshire shed. alan.seeley@pspb.co.uk Gary Hurd Workshop Consultant Last month’s Philosophical Gary has reverted to Grumpy Gary, now he’s back in the workplace: “I hate working on bloody Hondas,” he said after fighting…

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wheelie king dave taylor’s xs comes home

Pioneering stunt rider Dave Taylor’s XS650 has been found in a barn (a real barn, and not one of those fake eBay barns, which is actually a leaky shed), and his son Gary is embarking on restoring and enhancing it in his memory. It’s Dave’s original display bike (as pictured at the Silverstone GP) and still has the additional footpegs and remote throttle control fitted to enable him to stand high and steer with his knees. The family lost track of the bike, but it was found, and after a restoration Gary plans to use it on the road, with a bit of track fun from time to time. “Dad lent this bike – his original display bike for the handlebar-stand – to a friend who we lost contact with after Dave…

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yart ’99 tribute ’20-model r6

Yamaha Austria Racing Team (YART) have built two special 2020-model R6s and painted them in the 1999 colours of the original. Despite the marked difference in panel shape, we reckon it suits them pretty well It’s more than just a paint job, too: the historical theme is only skin deep. The first, and arguably most important, change is dumping the standard exhaust for a 4-1 Akrapovic race system. The current R6 is especially hamstrung by Euro 4, which left it less powerful, and heavier than stock, mostly for the sake of noise and emission suppression. Thankfully, the strangled motor suffers no internal impediments, and the system restores the R6 to its 16,000rpm-self (and then some). There’s also Öhlins suspension (a TTXGP shock and TTX25 cartridge kit), YART’s own rearsets, a full GB…

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bikes reunited

The loneliness from lockdown is prompting some of you to trace your lost loves… NO. However, a motorcycle is just a collection of metal, plastic and rubber, and can usually be returned to a youthful state (unlike Tracey from science class), and many of you would like to see an old steed come home. So if you recognise any of these, get in touch: you can opt to simply pass on the message the bike is alive and well, or you can consent to passing on your details for the owner to get in touch if that’s OK (do say). If you’d like our help in tracing your bike, email us at editorial@pspb.co.uk, titling your email ‘Bikes Reunited’. We’ll need pictures of the bike, the reg number and anything else that…

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specials we like

APRILIA RS500-FOUR It’d be easy to dismiss this RG square-four powered RS250 Aprilia as just another of the myriad 500 GP specials. Its Suzuki motor in a modern quarter-litre beam chassis is nothing new, but what really sets this Japanese/Latin medley apart from its many technical doppelgängers is its production line finish. Wrapping the 570 big-bored Gamma motor and Noale chassis inside a ZX-6R fairing (with MV F4 headlamp) and beefing up the rolling stock from the same era Kwak gives a factory feel. In terms of line and proportion we’ve yet to see better. JPD CYCLES XSR900 TZ REPLICA JPD Cycles’ gaffer Jeff Palhegyi is a Stateside bike builder of great repute, normally turning his talents to raked-out choppers and sparkly big-bore V-twins. But he’s also capable of turning out an eyeball pleasuring ‘race rep’,…