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never a dull moment

LAZY DAYS OF SUMMER? Not around here! And I bet that even if you’re taking well-deserved time off, “lazy” is one of the last words people would use to describe you, Prevention reader! Here are a couple of the great projects we’ve been working on: Prevention Virtual Walk: I’m thrilled to announce our first-ever virtual walk. On October 5, I—and you too, I hope—will be walking a 5K, wherever we are and with whomever we please. Walking is such an important and simple way to be healthy, so let’s do it together—virtually. Learn more about the program on page 22 and at, where you can sign up and get an exclusive Prevention Virtual Walk T-shirt, find a special walking plan from Jillian Michaels, enter for a chance to win a…

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Drink Up! We all know it’s important to drink plenty of water, right? Maybe we don’t. One in five kids and young adults reported not drinking a single drop on a given day, according to a JAMA Pediatrics report that analyzed data from 8,400 young people in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. So pass along this message (and remind yourself): Your body needs fluids to maintain proper functioning, and not getting enough can result in dehydration, which may lead to constipation, dizziness, confusion, and low blood pressure. Two good ways to know if you’re drinking enough, per the Mayo Clinic: You rarely feel thirsty, and your urine is colorless or light yellow. Set a phone reminder to refill your water bottle or glass every hour—and if you find plain…

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cancer clues

There’s been a rise in colorectal cancer in adults under 50, and scientists are learning more about what might be contributing to it. One culprit could be sugary drinks: A lab study on mice at Baylor College of Medicine and Weill Cornell Medicine found that consuming a modest amount of high-fructose corn syrup daily (the equivalent of drinking a 12-oz sugar-laden beverage) accelerated the growth of intestinal tumors. Researchers also observed high amounts of fructose in the mice’s blood and high levels of glucose in their colons, both of which they hypothesize provide fuel for tumors. Though the findings are preliminary and studies need to be done in humans, scientists say this information may aid in the development of new treatments. In the meantime, this is another good reason to…

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summer survival guide

Make a grab bag Fill a pretty basket with outdoor essentials, then put it by the door you use most. Include items like sunscreen, bug spray, lip balm with SPF, a spare pair of sunglasses, an umbrella, a wide-brimmed hat, and even tweezers (in case you get bitten by a tick). Keep biters at bay Prime outdoor spaces to deter mosquitoes. Stow a fan by the back door or on a screened porch; the pesky buggers don’t like blowing air, so this may discourage them from getting close enough to bite. Drain buckets, kiddie pools, garbage cans, or gutters that have standing water, a mosquito magnet. Swap your sheets Sleep experts say people snooze better when they’re cool, so invest in sheets that promote that feeling. Look for breathable cotton, microfiber, or moisture-wicking ones. Try…

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give yourself a boost

GH TOTAL WELLNESS INDEX Seem as if you’re always dragging? You’re not alone! Only 47% of people feel that they have enough energy to get through the day, according to the Total Wellness Index survey by the Good Housekeeping Institute Wellness Lab. We asked Elaine Chin, M.D., a partner in the survey and chief medical officer of the Executive Health Centre in Toronto, for her go-to energy boosters. • SIP GREEN TEA. The caffeine in coffee and tea gives you a mental and physical pick-me-up, but green tea is an attractive option because it also contains theanine, an amino acid that significantly reduces symptoms of that caffeine rush you may get from too much java. • MUNCH ON PROTEIN. When we’re stressed, our bodies crave carbohydrates to replenish energy supplies. Rather than reaching…

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repair your hair with coconut

The tropical treat is good for more than cooking: The fatty acids in coconut oil can “feed” your strands too, research shows. Unlike oils like mineral and sunflower, coconut oil in its pure form and preformulated products can penetrate the hair shaft, reducing the loss of proteins (the building blocks of hair) and preventing damage when used pre- or post-wash, a study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science found. “For maximum benefits, apply coconut oil as an overnight treatment from roots to ends, allowing it to soak into strands, then rinse out in the morning,” says Meri Kate O’Connor, hairstylist and colorist at Eva Scrivo Salon in New York City. If using raw coconut oil, she says, “rub it in your hands first to warm it up, making it…