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phone a friend

ONE DAY NOT LONG AGO, I sat at my desk staring at pages and pages of data: the results of a huge survey on stress we’d conducted with the nonprofit HealthyWomen and the communications firm GCI Health. The numbers were fascinating but overwhelming, and I was, well, stressed by them. So I emailed the (many) spreadsheets to one of the smartest writers I know, Sandy Fernández, and we set up a time to talk. Sandy and I mostly work together over email because we’re both so busy (and stressed!), but talking to her was worth every minute. Together, she and I were able to think in a deeper way about how to turn the data into a helpful story. We caught up on personal stuff too—how our sons were, what mutual…

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The Perfect Time for Peppermint This quintessential Christmas flavor arrives right on time to help you deal with what ails you in winter. Peppermint has been shown to quell a queasy stomach, ease headache pain, clear a stuffy nose thanks to mucus-loosening menthol, and fight fatigue (the scent stimulates the nervous system). Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to a diffuser for an aromatherapy–air freshener combo, dab a drop or two of topical essential oil on your temples when your head hurts, suck on a candy cane if you feel icky, or add fresh or dried peppermint leaves to a bowl of hot water and treat yourself to a steamy facial. Cookie Dough Alert! When in baking mode, who among us hasn’t been tempted to give that spoon (and bowl!) a…

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gold to help you glow

Real gold is now being used in skincare for anti-aging benefits—but is it worth its weight in, well, you know what? “In theory, gold is an anti-inflammatory and has been known to help heal skin damage,” says Kavita Mariwalla, M.D., a dermatologist in West Islip, NY. Studies also show that gold nanoparticles can improve skin’s firmness and elasticity, helping prevent signs of aging. But further research is needed on whether gold particles (which can also be liquefied) can penetrate skin and if the use of gold in topical skincare products has any long-term effect, she says. What you can take to the bank: Infused into skincare and cosmetics, gold flakes reflect light and add warmth, giving skin an instant youthful radiance. FACE MASK Peter Thomas Roth 24K Pure Luxury Lift & Firm…

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what’s hot (and cold!) in skincare

Extreme temperatures are being touted as the latest ticket to tighter skin from head to toe. New professional in-office treatments use high levels of heat (via radio frequency or laser, like WarmSculpting with SculpSure) or cold (with technology like cryolipolysis, also called CoolSculpting) to injure fat cells, which then die and are absorbed or expelled by the body, says Dianne Quibell, M.D., a cosmetic laser surgeon in Wellesley, MA. “Cold treatments cause blood vessels to narrow and the superficial muscles in skin to contract, which then reduces puffiness and temporarily tightens skin,” says Paul Jarrod Frank, M.D., a dermatologist in New York City. “Heat treatments have been shown to have long-term skin-firming effects.” On average, the procedures (which can cause mild discomfort and minor side effects, like bruising and soreness)…

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20-minute meal under $15

SERVES 4 1 Fill a large saucepan with 8 cups of water. Add a 1-in. piece of fresh ginger (peeled and very thinly sliced) and 2 scallions (cut into 1-in. pieces) and bring to a boil. 9¢ 2 Add 6 oz of ramen noodles and cook per pkg. directions, adding 6 oz of shiitake mushroom caps (thinly sliced) and 2 heads of baby bok choy (stems thinly sliced and leaves halved lengthwise) during the last 3 minutes of cooking. $10.60 3 Remove from heat. Stir in 4 oz of snow peas (thinly sliced) and 2 Tbsp each low-sodium soy sauce and rice vinegar. $1.44 4 Divide soup among bowls and top each with half of a soft-medium boiled egg (peeled). Top with sliced scallion, sliced red chile, and cilantro. 50¢ NUTRITION (per serving): 278 cal, 12 g pro, 36…

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punch up your plate

BASE INGREDIENTS Aromatics like garlic, ginger, and scallions create the foundation for many Asian dishes—and besides being an easy way to impart big taste, they also contain valuable antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. If you like things spicy, try adding hot chile peppers to the mix, which may support heart health and fight inflammation. SHIRATAKI NOODLES Also called konjac noodles after the Japanese yam they’re made from, they look and behave like glass or rice noodles but are full of fiber and super low in carbs and calories—most brands are about 10 calories per serving! Try them in your favorite noodle dish (shirataki pad thai, anyone?!) for a nutritious and filling bite. MUSHROOMS Their deep umami flavor provides a meaty effect, making plant-based eating easier. Load up a veggie stir-fry with various kinds (try shiitake and…