Prevention June 2021

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the heart of brain health

THERE’S AN EDITOR of ours I want you to meet. Marisa Cohen can take on any topic and create exactly the story that needs to be told, whether it’s about fake meat, the best massagers, or cancer. She’s also been a valuable voice as we’ve delved into brain health this year: Her mother suffers from Alzheimer’s, and a health reporter who is a daughter of someone with this disease is the wisest person you can have around. This month we decided to devote an entire section to brain health, and as Marisa and I talked about how to bring together the science and the emotions around this important issue, I kept wanting to know more about her family: What was it really like to see your mother fade into dementia? How…

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the magic of fireflies

There’s a special sense of wonder in watching lightning bugs, and now is when they start lighting up the night sky. This summer, embrace your inner child and spend a few moments outside admiring their blinking glow—it’s a good excuse to get some fresh air, and don’t forget that science shows nature to be stress-relieving. A fun fact to ponder as you gaze: Scientists have studied the enzymes that create fireflies’ unique light to gain insight to help cancer detection and, most recently, to inform potential new COVID-19 treatments.…

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keep bugs at bay the natural way

1. MINT Some bugs—such as spiders, ants, flies, fleas, and mosquitoes—dislike the scent of mint, which is why many commercial repellents contain peppermint essential oil. Try adding 10 drops each of peppermint, thyme, and rosemary essential oils to a water-filled spray bottle, then spritz the solution around your garden and outdoor seating area. 2. LAVENDER Lovely lavender has been shown to repel mosquitoes and other insects effectively. It’s unclear why, but this scent that’s so pleasant to humans is unpleasant to other creatures. 3. SAGE This aromatic herb may help repel certain types of beetles, fleas, and flies, and one study found that having potted sage nearby could offer protection against mosquitoes. 4. CATNIP It turns out this feline favorite that gives your cat a buzz can help keep buzzers away. Studies have shown that catnip essential…

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face masks and the environment

We’ve been masking up for over a year to help slow the spread of COVID-19, which has led to the disposal of an estimated 129 billion face masks each month worldwide, research shows. This is notable because disposable masks are made from plastic microfibers, and without guidelines for mask recycling, they could end up having an impact on the environment much like other forms of plastic waste such as bags and water bottles. Don’t stop wearing a mask! But make it your mission to don a reusable one whenever possible. 69% OF MILLENNIALS REPORT RELYING ON GOOGLE FOR HEALTH ADVICE INSTEAD OF GOING TO THE DOCTOR, according to a survey by Harmony Healthcare IT.…

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another parkinson’s clue

There’s new information to add to the Parkinson’s puzzle. Having type 2 diabetes is associated with an increased risk of the brain disorder, and in people who already have Parkinson’s dis-ease, it may contribute to faster progression of motor-control issues and cognitive decline, says a new meta-analysis in the journal Movement Disorders. More studies are needed to explore the link, but insulin resistance and inflammation are two hallmarks of type 2 diabetes that also affect the brain. Stick with the lifestyle habits that help keep away diabetes, such as exercising regularly and eating healthfully, and if you do have either disease, check with your doctor to be sure you have the best tools to manage it.…

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how to get your “5 a day”

EMBRACE FROZEN Look for pack-aged frozen fruit chunks or fill freezer bags with fresh picks—it’ll make your morning smoothie or oatmeal bowl easier! And frozen veggies are an effortless way to get those nutrients, no washing or chopping required. BULK UP MEALS Riced vegetables can stand in for traditional rice, and any veggie can be diced and tossed with meat or bean dishes to boost nutrition, says Elizabeth Shaw, M.S., R.D.N., owner of “Veggie-fy” noodles too: Try spaghetti squash, or spiralize zucchini, carrots, beets, or rutabaga. PREP EASY GRABS Keep prewashed veggie sticks in the fridge to dip into salsa or hummus, and have already clean fruit on hand for a pick-me-up.…