Prevention October 2018

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editor’s note

Not to sound dramatic or anything, but there are stories in this issue that have changed my life. Sometimes in small ways, sure, but that’s what I love about Prevention: I learn so much from the things our reporters uncover, like: 1 MY OFFICE CHAIR WAS TOO HIGH. I’m not quite 5' 2", so I’ve gotten used to perching my feet on the chair base or letting only my toes touch the ground. But after reading “Healthy Up Your Home, Pronto!” (page 52), I dropped the seat an inch or two. It felt funny at first to be so low, especially when people came by to talk to me, but now I’m sold. It’s so nice to have my feet on the ground. Try it, fellow short people! 2 MY MOTHER-IN-LAW IS…

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Q In the August issue, you recommended antiperspirant to prevent chafing. Are there any harmful effects of using antiperspirant under your breast or on your inner thigh? —Christine Sexson, Rio Rancho, NM A Scary rumors that antiperspirant causes breast cancer have swirled for years, but “there is no scientific evidence to support that,” says Laura Makaroff, D.O., senior director of cancer control intervention at the American Cancer Society. “The concentration of hygiene-product compounds absorbed into the body beyond the skin is thought to be very, very low.” That goes for under the arms or elsewhere. There is a risk of skin irritation if you’re sensitive to certain antiperspirants. In that case, apply petroleum jelly or shea butter instead to prevent chafing. Our beauty team recommends Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant ($5, drugstores) and…

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health & wellness

Get a Whiff of Coffee, Sharpen Your Mind Next time you need a brain boost, sniff a cup of steaming java. Yes, sniff: Simply inhaling the scent appears to jump-start our cognitive power, suggests a new study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology. Participants who took an exam in a room that smelled like coffee scored significantly higher than those tested in an unscented room. Researchers believe the brew’s aroma fires up the mind due to the placebo effect, says study coauthor Adriana Madzharov, Ph.D. Still… whatever gets those wheels turning! When you want a caffeine-free jolt, put a cup of coffee beans on your desk or hang a coffee air freshener in your car.…

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time-restricted eating

WHAT IT IS Time-restricted eating (a.k.a. intermittent fasting) seeks to restore our natural metabolism and enhance overall health by addressing the unhealthy eating habits many of us indulge in. You munch only during specific hours, which circumvents tendencies to eat on the go, graze all day, binge late at night, or skip meals altogether. Bonus: You’ll likely shed excess body fat in the process. THE SCIENCE It’s all about our biological rhythm—37 trillion cellular clocks coordinated by a master body clock in the brain. That master clock has 20,000 neurons that control the body’s daily rhythms, which sync with the Earth’s rotation, internalizing the planet’s light-dark cycle into a 24-hour pattern known as the circadian rhythm. Chronic chaotic eating and disrupted sleep throw off this natural flow, causing our well-being to suffer. Intermittent…

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your ultimate bra guide

STRAPS Strap width and breast size should be directly proportional. “Large-chested women need thicker straps to properly lift and support. This takes pressure off the back, which can relieve associated back pain,” says Dr. Hazen. If your breasts aren’t large enough to cause discomfort, straps of any width will do; just be sure they’re not too tight, as that can irritate skin or trigger muscle pain or soreness. UNDERWIRE… OR NOT? Small-breasted ladies, rejoice—your girls will do just fine without underwire. But if your breasts are larger or a bit saggy, it’s a necessary evil. “Underwire isn’t the most comfortable, but large-chested women need it for lift,” says Dr. Hazen. Unsupported breasts can rub against torso skin, causing rashes, infection, or discoloration from friction, she adds. PADDING This is more about how you feel. “Women…

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finding your zen

77% OF AMERICANS REGULARLY EXPERIENCE PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS CAUSED BY STRESS. Penn State researchers found that tension in the a.m. may affect your brainpower later on. In an observational study, adults who felt stressed about the day ahead of them upon waking didn’t do as well as others on a memory test completed five times during the day—perhaps because the early stress worsened working memory, which helps people learn, remember, and focus their attention. Poor working memory can lead to difficulty focusing, upping the odds of errors such as taking the wrong medication or making a wrong turn while driving, says study author Martin Sliwinski, director of Penn State’s Center for Healthy Aging. Mindful meditation, exercise, and spending time outdoors help boost working memory and keep stress at bay, he adds. A UK…