Prevention September 2018

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let’s eat everything!

THERE ARE NIGHTS when I look into the fridge and say, “We don’t have anything for dinner. Grilled cheese, everybody?” I do make a mean grilled cheese (my secret: garlic salt), but my husband can look in the very same fridge and say, “Oh, there’s plenty here!” and put together a lovely pasta dish with half a tomato, some chopped onion I might have scoffed at him for saving, and the last of the wilting basil. So naturally I used to think of us (thanks to him) as people who wouldn’t truly need our article on food waste on page 50, but then I read this in the story: Three-quarters of us think we waste less food than the average American. Whoops. Come to think of it, my husband and…

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connect with us!

How She Does It In June, we published several letters from readers with significant weight loss (one had dropped 300 pounds!). When Janet Burr wrote in to congratulate them, she mentioned that she’d recently put on a pair of jeans from 1979—and they’d fit! Naturally, we had to ask her for a few secrets: 1 Have a great breakfast. Janet fills a large coffee cup with fruit, yogurt or cottage cheese, nuts, uncooked oatmeal, and cinnamon. (We love parfaits too: See page 90.) 2 Get into roasting. Janet likes experimenting with bringing out veggies’ flavors by roasting them, and some current favorites are Brussels sprouts and cauliflower. 3 Don’t stress (too much) over the scale. “I do not push the panic button” over a couple of additional pounds, Janet says, and she enjoys indulgent…

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fire up your metabolism

We’re thrilled to have partnered with Natalie Jill, an accomplished nutritionist and trainer, for Prevention’s Fit After 40! program. If you missed our July article about her, you can get a peek at a few of her moves at The DVD includes five full-body, no-equipment workout routines. Each takes just 15 minutes (amazing!), and you can also follow our easy eating plan to slim down even faster. Find out more at…

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sweet perks

The studies were small and preliminary, but we’re still cheering: Researchers at Loma University in California have turned up new health benefits of eating certain types of dark chocolate. They found that eating the kind with a high concentration of cacao (70% cacao at minimum) has positive effects on stress levels, inflammation, mood, memory, and immunity. Cacao’s flavonoid power is well known, but this is the first time its effects have been studied in humans to see whether it supports cognitive, endocrine, and cardiovascular health. More extensive research is needed, but for now we’re happy to follow the advice of researchers, who suggest savoring a quarter of a bar of dark chocolate to get the antioxidant benefits.…

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exercise = healthier blood

A new study suggests that the benefits of exercise may go beyond weight loss for those who are obese. A small study in the journal Physiology found that when obese individuals completed a six-week endurance exercise program—bicycling or running on a treadmill for an hour three times a week—their numbers of the blood cells responsible for triggering body-wide inflammation dipped. Researchers say the findings matter because inflammation is an important part of the obesity puzzle: Obesity leads to chronic inflammation, which increases the risk of developing other serious health problems like heart disease and type 2 diabetes, common outcomes for those who are dangerously overweight. two hundred YOU COULD INCREASE YOUR WORKOUT TIME AND INTENSITY BY THIS PERCENTAGE IF YOU EXERCISE WITH A PARTNER YOU DEEM MORE ATHLETIC THAN YOU ARE.…

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would you try these yoga trends?

SUP YOGA Channel your inner surfer with this adventurous twist. You’ll perform traditional moves on a stand-up paddleboard—that’s the SUP part—in an ocean (off the coasts of many major cities or a lake (in other locations). WINE YOGA Vino and yoga have something in common: Both may help relieve stress after a long week (just stick to one glass of wine). You can find vineyards and breweries that host wine and yoga parties and classes so you can get Zen while you sip. ACROYOGA Grab a fellow yogi for this challenging workout that integrates yoga and acrobatics. You’ll take turns balancing, lifting, and performing standard poses in the air. Best of all, you’ll leave having strengthened your body and your relationship with your partner. DOGA If you’d like to get fit with your pup, this pet-friendly yoga…