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dear reader

It's often said you are best to buy the last of an outgoing range for reliability. Reason enough, then, to shine our test light on the Vario 211 S … to find out whether it's worth snapping up the last of these models before the line is updated later in 2020. The cereal harvest got off to a cracking start in the south of England with scorching temperatures, but things have been rather more sporadic in other parts of the UK and Ireland. Indeed, rain has made combining a ‘grab it when you can’ affair. Even as I write this, we've been notified of another approaching band of heavy rain. Yet wherever there are weather losers, there are generally winners, too: grass is absolutely hopping, and freshly seeded pasture seems to…

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TIP OF THE MONTH No fiery surprises Found in many workshops, anvils are regularly associated with heat and hot metal. Usually anvils are mounted on a wooden block, but this owner was worried the dried timber could lead solution. A to a fire so they looked for a less flammable 200-litre oil drum was given a thorough clean before being cut down to 450mm in height. A rubber edge protector was fitted to the lip of the drum which was then packed with sand. The overall height, complete with anvil is 800mm. Spaldings distributing Tillso The Tillso Sabre tine system is to be distributed in the UK and Ireland by Spaldings. The soil loosening tines consist of a common point and shin with a choice of four soil-lifting wings; Ultralite, Mono, Lite and Max.…

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grown — in every respect

Looking back at the spec sheet for the 211 from 2011, the 100hp Fendt would set you back nearly £73,000. Today its successor, the 211 S, lists at a staggering £102,660 — a 35% increase. Given the hike in the price we were looking forward to seeing what extra technology you get for your money. Perhaps surprisingly, then, the tech under the bonnet has hardly changed: we still find a three-cylinder AGCO Power, 3.3-litre motor. Even now it does without any AdBlue, yet it still manages to comply with Stage IIIB thanks to cooled exhaust gas recirculation and a diesel oxidation catalyst. Less power, more juice The change in engine emission is certainly one of the reasons why the performance and fuel consumption stats are different. Another reason is that this time…

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three tractors in comparison

FENDT VARIO 211S Technical data Engine: 74kW/101hp (to ECE-R 120) rated output at 2,100rpm; no boost, water-cooled three-cylinder AGCO Power 33AWI15; 3.3-litre capacity; emission stage IIIB (Tier 4i) with EGR and DOC; 75- + 50-litre fuel tanks, no AdBlue Transmission: Constantly variable transmission ML75 with 0.02-40km/hr, 25km/hr reverse speed, powershuttle, TMS control, cruise control Brakes: Wet annular piston brakes on rear wheels, hydraulic, four-wheel engagement, mechanical hand brake, optional air brakes Electrics: 12V, 90amps battery, 120amps alternator, 3kW/4hp starter motor Linkage: Cat II; ELC with draft link control, shock absorbing system, manual stabilisers. Front linkage/front pto is an option Hydraulics: Standard tandem gear pump (33+42l/min), optional swash plate pump (33+71l/min); up to four spool valves (two with flow control); two (optional) electric spools (front loader); 28 litres of available oil Pto: 540/540E/1,000 or 540/1,000/ground speed pto, 1 3/8…

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rubin 2.0

When the Rubin 9 was launched in 2011 it was just as the compact disc market was starting to get going. The heavy-duty Lemken short disc harrow stood out from the crowd with its large diameter, scalloped discs each mounted on a cranked leg with sizeable coil spring protection allowing it to work down to 13cm. All of these features have been carried over to its successor, the Rubin 10 along with a host of substantial modifications. We tested the 5.0m semimounted Rubin 10/500KUA. Hard to hitch The semi-mounted Rubin 10 has a Cat III headstock. Lemken now uses spherical bearings to cope with the higher forces, so the cultivator no longer just attaches to just the lower links, it also uses the top link. To avoid the headstock flopping to the…

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the good ones start at €53

Inflation pressure is no doubt the crucial parameter for tyre load capacity, ground pressure and the tyre’s service life. To get the pressure right you need a compressor and a tyre inflation pressure gauge, usually referred to as a tyre inflator or a tyre gauge. We checked out how accurately the gauges measure, whether factory-calibrated units make a difference and what to expect from inflators that use a digital gauge. Our test consisted of 15 candidates. The accuracy of the individual devices was verified by the Weights and Measures Office at Münster in Germany. Please note all of the prices are in Euros, as the test was carried out by our colleagues in Germany. Most of the units featured in the test are available from online retailers. Prices: cheap to expensive The most…