Profi December 2020

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dear reader

Massey Ferguson has high hopes for the 8S as it represents the first of a new generation. In recent years it almost felt that Massey was the poor relation in the AGCO tractor camp, a feeling not helped by the Route 66 initiative that aims to separate Massey dealers from those also selling Fendt and Valtra. But that does not seem to be the case, the new 8S range actually shares a number of substantial hardware components that integrate it with the other AGCO brands. Turn to page 22 to find out the details. Editor, profi international Welcome to the December 2020 issue of profi international. Normally this time of year we are flat to the mat attending the major machinery shows around Europe, as manufacturers launch new kit for next season.…

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krone reverse drive prototype

A few weeks ago, a rumour arose that Krone was testing a reverse drive forage harvester. Wanting to know if the rumours were true, we called the machinery maker based at Spelle. After promising not to reveal any of the technical details we soon found ourselves on-route to go see the prototype machine in action and we have to say we were impressed. Suitable for use on tractors such as the Claas Xerion 5000 or Fendt Vario 1050, Krone says the prototype machine has to be at least as good as the comparable Big X 480 in terms of output, fuel consumption and chop quality. The drum-based chopping unit comes from the Big X and the test machine can be coupled to the firm’s six- to 10-row maize headers, grass pick-up and…

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new headquarters for claas uk

Following three years of building work, the redeveloped headquarters site of Claas UK and its East Anglian dealer Manns of Saxham alongside the A14 near Bury St Edmunds is now up and running. In addition to offices for both Claas UK and Manns, the new 16.5m-high building incorporates a full height, glass fronted Technoparc machinery showroom. To the rear of the office building is a new 10-bay workshop complex for Manns and a 4,336m² parts warehouse for Claas UK. The new parts warehouse has streamlined parts handling and replaces five individual buildings. It accommodates over 47,000 line items or 850,000 individual items totalling 700t, with space to spare for future expansion. For larger items there is now 45m of cantilever racking and the amount of bulk racking has been doubled, while a…

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vredestein traxion 65 tractor tyres

Vredestein has added another 15 sizes to its Traxion 65 tractor tyre series. Bringing the total to 19, it now spans the complete range from 16 to 42 inches. Launched at Agritechnica 2019, the Traxion 65 series, which succeeds the Traxion+, was redesigned using the latest technologies developed for the Traxion Optimall VF. This includes curved lugs, which the company reckons not only provide a longer lifespan and increased driver comfort, but also increased traction, and the large contact area in the centre of the tread reduces internal and external noise levels. The new lug design (distance between the lugs widens at the side of the tyre) is said to provide good self-cleaning properties, especially on heavy soils.…

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flowtast option for pöttinger rake

The large surface contact area of the new plastic glide bar option on the 8.4m Top 842C twin-rotor rake improves the load-bearing capacity on soft land. Called Flowtast, and unveiled as a concept at Agritechnica 2019, the glide bar replaces the wheels under the rotor. Each glide bar comprises five individually exchangeable 15mm thick plates. Installed close the tines, the Austrian manufacturer says the glide bar tracks the ground across the full raking length of the tine arc to provide perfect ground tracking. A hydraulic cylinder ensures a ground pressure of around 200kg, which is claimed to reduce wear and lower stress on the rake frame. After testing various materials, the tough-wearing plastic (PE1000) selected by engineers, which is similar to that used for a plough mouldboard, is said to provide good…

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veenhuis quad_shift

Reduced scuffing when turning, a larger surface contact area and increased comfort on the road are the main advantages of the Quad-shift axle on Premium line slurry tankers from Veenhuis. Pushing out the outer wheels by up to 65cm each side, the Dutch manufacturer reckons four equally large 620/80 R42 tyres are a good alternative to single axle tankers on wide flotation versions. The independent hydraulic suspension system ensures that the pressure below each tyre is constant. It acts like a normal single-axle tanker on the road, is the claim, but the same suspension system provides additional driver comfort on the road. The company is keen to demonstrate the Quad-shift in the UK. In the meantime, the existing fixed four-wheeled axle continues to be available on Premium line tankers from 11-14m³.…