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dear reader

Six-cylinder tractors have been disappearing from the lower end of the horsepower scale as manufacturers fight to keep up with stricter emissions targets, while four-cylinder models have been gaining power. So the question many tractor shoppers have been asking, do you go with a four-pot or stick with a slick six? We have been asking ourselves the same question, so decided to compare New Holland’s T6.175 and the T6.180 which apart from the engine are near identical compared to the Fendt 500 and 700 which have a lot more going on than just the change of power plant under the bonnet. Editor, profi international Welcome to the January issue of profi international. A debate that has cropped up several times on forums is do you trade in your trusty six-potter for a…

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jcb’s first electric telehandler

JCB says the 100% electric 525-60E provides the same 2.5t lift capacity and 2.0t maximum load at 6.0m as the diesel model. Looking almost identical to the diesel-powered model on the outside, on the inside a 96v Lithium-ion battery resides in the space normally reserved for the diesel engine. The battery powers two electric motors, a 17kW version for the driveline and a 22kW unit to power the hydraulic system. Plugged into a standard 240v, 16A electrical supply, the on-board charger takes eight hours. The optional universal charger provides a top-up in as little as 35 minutes. The battery can be charged 5,000 times, which we are informed, equates to around 10,000 hours of operation. Cab interior noise levels are a quiet 66.7dB.…

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new share for lemken karat

Suitable for cultivating at depths down to 5cm, the DeltaCut share encourages weed seeds and volunteer cereals to germinate evenly and is also suitable for incorporating cover crops. Supplied as standard with a quick-change (tool-free) system, the optional carbide coating is claimed to increase the life expectancy of the 35cm-wide shares by up to five times. Available on the full Karat 9 range from 4.0m to 7.0m, the DeltaCut increases the number of options to eight with working depths down to 30.0cm.…

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intelligent weighing system

The weigh cells on the current Amazone Profis spreaders measure the weight changes 200 times per second and automatically adjust the shutter positions every 25kg. Designed to further increase accuracy, the new ProfisPro (available on ZA-TS mounted and ZG-TS 01 trailed fertiliser spreaders) system includes the interaction of the existing weighing device with the new FlowControl torque measuring system. This uses one sensor per spreading disc to measure the torque, and control and adjust the position of the application rate shutters in the event of a deviation from the target rate.…

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four-row ropa topper

The KS475, the German manufacturer’s first four-row haulm topper, can be front or rear mounted. Tractor power requirement is a claimed 68hp and the pto-powered topper works on ridges spaced at 75cm or 80cm. Height adjustment is controlled via the linkage arms and spindles on the support wheels, and chopped haulm is deposited between the ridges. The suction effect of the flails is said to be powerful enough to tackle haulm lying on the ground. The options list includes an end-tow drawbar for the 3.5m-wide machine and road lights. It is not yet known when the KS475 will arrive in the UK.…

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six wheels on dewulf enduro

Potato growers in the market for a new self-propelled four-row harvester have another one to choose from; the six-wheeled Dewulf Enduro. Powered by a 450hp Stage V Scania engine, main features include the new tandem axle, haulm topper, 200t/hr ring elevator and new armrest and joystick. The discharge elevator reaches over four rows to unload on the move when opening up a field. Two prototypes were tested this year, and the first 4x75cm production versions will be available next season. A four x 90cm version is planned for France and we understand that a UK edition is unlikely to be available until 2022. Siloking 300+ self-propelled wagon The latest self-propelled mixer wagon from German manufacturer Siloking, the SelfLine 4.0 System 300+, is available in four twin auger models from 19.0m³ to 27.0m³. Powered by a…