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dear reader

Editor, profi international There’s something rather special about taking delivery of a new tractor, particularly if you’re the one who’s going to be sitting in the seat. The tractor looks special — after all, it’s never going to be cleaner. And, once on board, you feel special, too. Or that’s how it should be. After driving Kubota’s latest offering in the 120-140hp sector, the M6002, on page 34, we reckon the machinery giant may be missing a trick in this department. Yes, the tractor does all the basics with the efficiency that we’ve come to expect from Japanese engineering. And, of course, there’s the firm’s customary five-year/5,000-hr warranty to consider. Yet, for all of that, the product remains short on that difficult-to-define, feelgood factor. While Kubota has undeniably made significant inroads into…

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slurry boom applicator

Providing the flexibility to host both trailing shoes or dribble hoses, Vogelsang’s UniSpread boom applicator can be fitted to a wide range of slurry tankers. Available in working widths of 6.0m, 7.5m and 9.0m, the ExaCut precision distributor built into the centre is claimed to offer the same precision as the company’s existing systems, and the DropStop mechanism prevents slurry from dripping during on the headland and during transport. Other features include hydraulic sequence control, collision protection on the outer wings and an integrated transport locking device.…

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auto control of bredal spreader

Keith Rennie Machinery’s new Bredal F4W mounted fertiliser spreader features ISObus control for automatic setting of application rate and spread width up to 40m. Fertiliser from the 1,500-4,000-litre capacity hopper is metered by two 20cm wide feed belts to the two 80cm diameter discs. Driven from the tractor pto through a simple twin V-belt drive system, or by an individual hydraulic motor for each disc, a reduction gear system has been fitted to one spinning disc for headlands. Standard specification includes a hopper access ladder, rear LED lighting, headland section control and weigh cells. The integral tilt sensor in the latter provides a continuous display of the weight of fertiliser in the hopper, even when working on slopes.…

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massey ferguson 5s

Sharing its exterior colour scheme and styling cues with the recentlylaunched 8S series, the new fivemodel 5S range is set to replace the popular 5700S series. The new range consists of the 5S.105 (105hp), 5S.115 (115hp), 5S.125 (125hp), 5S.135 (135hp) and 5S.145 (145hp), with power coming from a four-pot, 4.4-litre, Stage V compliant AGCO Power engine, mated to either 16x16 speed, Dyna-4 or 24x24 Dyna-6, semipowershift transmissions. There are three levels of specification (Essential, Efficient and Exclusive) and rear linkage lift capacity is increased to 5.7t (option of a hydraulic top link). The new and stronger suspended front axle reduces the turning circle to a super tight 8.0m (8700S was 8.5m). Compared to the likes of the John Deere 6120M and New Holland T5EC which have a shorter wheelbase than the…

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safer and simpler attachment

Operated from the tractor seat, the Pal Attach quick attach system is designed to make hitching of three-point linkage implements easier, quicker and safer. The first product in the Trac-cessories line of tractor based accessories from Irish company Palatine Engineering, the Pal Attach was originally developed and patented by OCE, which ceased production a few years ago. Both companies came to an arrangement for Palatine to restart production and sales of the 68kg unit that fits most implements built to Cat II standards and tractors with a Cat II and most Cat III linkages. The only other requirement is a double acting hydraulic service from the tractor to operate the sliding top link hook. No implement conversion brackets are required (subject being designed to Cat II standards).…

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first telescopic hedge cutter

With a fully extended horizontal range of 7.4m and maximum vertical height of 8.4m, the Multi-Longer GII 7457 E-TPAL is the longest reaching hedge and verge cutter so far from Kuhn Farm Machinery and the first with a telescopic arm. Recommended for use on tractors with a minimum power and weight of 120hp and 6.5t respectively, and for users clocking up 1,500 hours per year, standard features include a four-function joystick with electric proportional control, the Stabi-Link quick hitch axle mounting and 1.2m flail head.…