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dear reader

There has to be some magical healing properties to the smell of the first cut of grass from the lawn. Together with the stretch in daylight hours it just gives you a pep in your step knowing that spring is finally on its way. Speaking of ‘first cut’, as we go to print there are rumours that the UK Grassland event, which is due to take place in early May, has sadly been cancelled. For me the annual UK grass event (be it Grassland, ScotGrass or Grass and Muck, depending on whose turn it is) stands out as one of the main highlights of the year. Perhaps it's the nostalgia of silage time, from when growing up on a livestock farm, but even now the yearning still returns every season ……

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more power and refinement

The grunt in the Stage V versions of JCB’s three mid-range ‘Agri’ wheeled loader models; the 411, 413S and 417, comes from the latest 4.8-litre four-pot DieselMax, with Autostop automatically shutting down the engine after a pre-set period of idling. Meeting emissions regs with DPF and SCR, the 417 has a 4.0% increase in maximum power at 97kW/130hp, while the 413S gets a 5.0% increase at 122kW/150hp and 7.0% more torque at 600Nm. Peak power and torque figures for the 411 are unchanged at 81kW/109hp. These mid-range loaders benefit from new features first seen on the 435S Agri, the flagship model in the range. These include rubber cushion-dampened steering stops at the chassis pivot to soften the contact when steering to full lock. The new models also come with a rear-view…

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added precision for autonomous tractor

The multi-frequency antenna on Yanmar’s latest range of autonomous tractors results in 75% faster processing times and increased positioning accuracy. Capable of full or partially autonomous work, the revised models, which will be on sale in Japan from April, include the YT488A (88hp), 498A (98hp), 4104A (104hp), plus, the 113hp flagship 5113A previewed at Agritechnica in 2019. By receiving signals at three different frequencies from the GNSS satellite, Yanmar says the new multi-frequency antenna allows the tractor to receive local reference point positioning data to determine its position via a virtual reference station. This means it is no longer necessary to install a base station and the system can be used anywhere a mobile signal is available. This ensures safe operation even if the signal from one of the frequencies is…

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weavings new compact disc

Weaving has expanded its implement range with the new ShortDisc cultivator. As the name suggests, this is a short disc harrow which will be available in working widths of 3.0m, 4.0m and 5.0m. All three models are mounted and feature two rows of 560mm concave discs with rubber cord dampening. There is a disc hitting the ground every 125mm and the spacing between the two rows of discs measures 1.0m providing enough room for trash flow. Working depth for the corrugated discs is up to 15cm. Simon Weaving points that each disc is mounted on a longer arm than its previous disc harrow for increased clearance and it also features removable scrapers. And unlike the previous Polish made range, the ShortDisc is being manufactured in England. Standard roller is a…

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smart spray system

Up to four spray lines capable of operating individually, or in combination with others selected from the terminal, allow for multiple nozzle selection and rates from the cab with the Altek GPS controlled Smart-C-Spray 124 application system. Developed in conjunction with Danish sprayer controller manufacturer Lykketronic and allowing the use of all the latest air-inclusion low drift nozzles, other features include auto addressing (Can nodes mounted directly to the spray line) and individual nozzle control for all nozzles and lines. These can also be grouped to allow for manual section control. Auto Nozzle Select allows the spray lines to change nozzle size/combinations automatically to compensate for speed increase/application increase. Other features for both twin and quad systems include variable rate application (in conjunction with SHP maps imported to sprayer terminal) and…

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keeping on top of weeds

Danish manufacturer Frejma has developed a mechanical post-harvest technique to control crop weeds such as couch, thistles and docks. Called the Root-up 4000 (4.00m) and developed in conjunction with fellow Danish company Phidan Engineering, weed roots are teased out of the ground by 60 tines. Spaced at 67mm intervals along the two contra-rotating rotors, from here they pass onto a slatted conveyor where soil returns to the ground. Working at speeds of 7-8km/hr, and operating to a maximum depth of 18cm, exposed weed roots are deposited on top of the soil. Optional equipment includes a belt to deposit the material in swaths for collection. The trailed machine folds to 3.00m for transport and can be equipped with hydraulic or air brakes.…