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dear reader

Editor, profi international A wet and windy May fills the barn with hay or so the saying goes, but for many it also means there has been a mountain of work to get through when the weather did eventually brighten up. And if the local silage crops are anything to go by then there should be plenty of feed this winter. Indeed, speaking to one nearby contractor, he commented that for the first time in several years he was being asked to come and bale the excess silage which could not be shoehorned into already crammed silage clamps. While some would say the sky is the limit (unless you have a roof to worry about) the Irish contractors group, FCI, has been banging the drum for the last couple of years about…

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powered sprayer axle

The British manufacturer’s new PowerTrac trailed sprayers come with a self-contained hydraulic drive system that transmits up to 130hp to the powered axle. Powered by the tractor PTO, it provides two forward (up to 18km/hr in the field) and two reverse speeds. The company says the new models offer better weight distribution and less soil compaction than large twin-axle self-propelled sprayers. Having three powered axles the tractive force required to propel the combination is shared between six wheels, which says Landquip, results in less slippage and compaction, and is advantageous when reversing into field corners. Steering (20° angle) or non-steering axles can be specified with track width options from 1.8 to 2.0m. Air brakes are standard (ABS option). Available in 6,000, 7,000 and 8,000-litre capacities, the PowerTracs also have a new pneumatic…

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new look telehandlers

Taking its styling cues from the new Massey look first introduced on the 8S tractors, the latest six-model range of TH telehandlers come with a new cab and an improved hydrostatic transmission. All six are fitted with four-pot, Stage V engines, with power increasing to 135hp on the TH6534, TH7038 and TH8043, while the other models stick at 100hp and height specifications remain the same. Main changes include the lower profile engine bonnet profile for an unobstructed view to the rear three quarter right-hand side, while the new, more rounded and quieter cab, provides a wider opening door. An air-suspended seat is standard and the new 5-inch colour display (7” optional) can be used to select the steering modes, which include a new semi-crab setting. Positioned just under the steering wheel, the…

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13,000+ tractors a year

Following three years of modernisation and investments totalling €40m, the Claas tractor plant in Le Mans, France, is now up and running. The plan is to gradually ramp up the numbers of tractors leaving the assembly line to as many as 60 per day from a single shift and increase current production of around 10,000 units a year to 13,000+ within the next couple of years. A significant contribution to the automation of production is made by the 40 driverless wire-guided automated guide vehicles (AGVs) on the 1.2km assembly line. These fully automatic carrier vehicles transport the tractors from the first to the last assembly station. Capable of moving up to 20t at a time, they provide sufficient load capacity for all current series, as well as for future higher performance…

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autonomous tractor

The Minsk Tractor Works (MTW) is testing a prototype of the first Belarus autonomous tractor. Called the 3523i, it is largely based on a cabless version of the diesel-electric 3523, which won an innovation silver medal at the 2009 Agritechnica. Power comes from the same 350hp Cummins block. Mated to a generator that powers the same electromechanical transmission, the electric ‘CVT’ provides infinite speed selection in two ranges (field 0-15km/hr - road 0-50km/hr). Electricity developed by the tractor can also be used to power electric implements. The driver has been replaced by a combination of cameras and sensors linked to a computer (5G data transmission). The tractor is equipped with GPS navigation and a Topcon guidance system. Still in the test phase, the prototype has worked with both a triple mower and…

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more power for the mlt

Lifting 6.0t to 9.0m, the MLT961-160V+L is the most powerful Manitou telehandler to date in the NewAg XL range. Replacing the Stage IV powered MLT961, the 156hp Stage V block in the new high-performance model is said to sip 10% less fuel, deliver 10% more power and provide 50% more torque. Drawbar pull is increased by more than 30% and the hydraulic flow is 200l/min. The block is mated to the CVT M-Vario Plus transmission. This provides two modes (comfort and dynamic) and a top speed of 40km/hr. The new 4,500-litre and 2.70m wide bucket developed for the new model is wider than the machine. Manitou says this not only prevents driving over the material but also helps to increase outputs. The higher cab position improves visibility and the HighView camera option…