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dear reader

It's hard to stay sitting in the office when the sun is shining outside. Which is probably why I'm still here trying to get the last few pages of this magazine done as the clock counts down at a scary pace to deadline hour. As a well-seasoned journo once said to me: “There's nothing quite like a deadline to focus the mind.” How right he was. The combines are now starting to roll, with a pair of very tidy looking Topliners trundling past the house yesterday having already cleared a couple of fields of winter barley. There's actually a good population of classic Deutz-Fahrs working in this area, no doubt at least partially down to there being two local combine breakers helping to keep the belts spinning and walkers threshing. Indeed, over…

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autonomous bale collector

Vermeer is testing an autonomous bale moving concept. Dubbed the Bale Hawk, it will automatically go and collect round bales in the field. The patent-pending concept uses sensors to detect where it is relative to a bale, allowing it to plan a route to pick them up. Today, it can load three bales at a time before delivering and unloading them to a predetermined location. Powered by a Deutz motor, the rubber tracked vehicle appears to use similar belts to load bales onto a carrying frame. It has been successfully tested with bales weighing up to 600kg each. The Bale Hawk itself weighs under 3.0t unladen, the North American manufacturer sees the lightweight concept as a solution to reduce the compaction caused when collecting bales using a tractor or telehandler. “Our…

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izona; new direction for mzuri

The team behind the Mzuri has introduced the Izona IPass. Designed to offer greater flexibility to work directly into stubble or residues, double shoot in a strip till system or use as a cultivator drill by simply swapping the coulters via roll pin attachment. Working widths are 6.0m and 8.0m with 250mm or 330mm row spacings. Auto-reset leading tines and front discs clear crop residue from the seeding zone whilst band placing fertiliser. Seeding coulters are suspended via a parallel linkage for independent control and maintain coulter angle regardless of depth for accurate seed placement. Using a novel universal joint system, the hydraulically pressurised coulter arm can self-steer, allowing the coulters to follow the ground contours on undulating land…A V-formation press wheel creates a channel as it presses the slot and…

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new features for larger varios

Fendt 900 and 1000 Vario tractors are now available with a self-cleaning air filter, and the cabs come standard with laminated safety glass and a windscreen heating system. The German tractor maker reckons to be the first to offer an optional factory-fitted self-cleaning air filter, which combines continuous dust extraction with active filter cleaning in a 30-second cycle. Blown out on the move, during the cleaning cycle, the filter is blown out twice, each with a 10-second pre- and post-run. The dust filter has its own 12-bar compressed air tank. The compressed air flow is controlled by a solenoid or pulse valve. Just before blowing out, the speed of the fan is raised and continues running like that for a short while afterwards. The driver is notified about the cleaning process via…

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first pöttinger hoes

Following the acquisition of fellow Austrian firm Cross Farm Solution's arable division in February, Pöttinger has shown the first mechanical hoes under its own name. The three hoe ranges are the Rotocare (rotary), Flexcare (vario) and Tinecare (tined). Designed to operate at speeds from 10 to 30km/hr, the Rotocare (6.6m, 8.0m and 12.4m) can also be equipped for other applications such as breaking up capped soil and incorporating fertilisers. It can also be used as a shallow stubble cultivator and for aerating and reseeding grassland. Flexcare row spacing, working width of the elements and the fine adjustments of the finger weeders are all adjustable without any tools. Fitted with an integrated hydraulic side-shift frame, working widths are 4.7m, 6.2m and 9.0m. Tinecare harrows (6.2m to 12.2m) come with quick change tines and…

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jimny van lands in the uk

Looking for a sub-£20k 4x4? Then check out the new Suzuki Jimny Commercial, which lists for £19,999 (£16,796 + VAT) and comes with a 1.5-litre petrol motor, Allgrip Pro selectable 4WD with a low transfer gear, air con and cruise control. You’ll have to be quick, though, as there are currently only 400 of these vehicles due in from Japan for the remainder of 2021. Note the Jimny with rear seats was withdrawn last year due to difficulties in meeting the latest car emission regs. However, the rules for vans are less stringent.…