Profi Harvest 2021

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dear reader

Welcome to the ‘extra’ issue in the profi calendar, our Harvest Special. We have a bit of everything for everyone in this issue as we speak to combine users in Ireland and England before finding out how the Swiss make hay in the Alps, why one Dutch farmer is running a classic Steyr powerhouse and end up in Turkmenistan to see how three-wheel tractors are employed on cotton farms. We put the spotlight on Krone and John Deere forager performance as well as putting the Grimme EVO 280 trailed spud harvester through the ringer. And if you are in the market for a new rotary combine, we provide a run down on what you can buy for Harvest 2022. In fact, just flick over to the next page to see the…

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massey pushes 8s to over 300hp

Massey Ferguson has extended the 8S Series upwards with the 285hp 8S.285 and 305hp 8S.305. The standard transmission in the new flagship is the Dyna-VT, which is a new option on the other five models. The new automatic mode in the Dyna-VT allows operators to use the Multipad lever or foot pedal to alter forward speed, while it automatically sets the optimum engine rpm according to speed and load for smoother operation and reduced fuel consumption. The 8S.305, and all 8S Dyna-VT tractors, come with Exclusive specification, which along with the multifunction armrest and Multipad controls also comprises Datatronic 5 and right pillar mounted vDisplay terminal, active cab suspension, automatic air-suspended seat with damping system, four electric spool valves, 16 LED work lights and a larger fuel tank. The 8S.285 delivers a maximum…

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lemken drill for more crops

The Azurit 10, the latest version of the precision drill, can drill more crops and also apply microgranules. In addition to the existing four-, six- and eight-row possibilities on the outgoing Azurit 9 (row spacings from 70 to 80cm), the Azurit 10 can also drill six or 12 rows on a 50cm row spacing. This increases the range of applications to include soybeans and sunflowers. The 200-litre capacity MicroHub 5 granular applicator is new. Controlled via the on-board terminal, the metering unit is operated electrically and granules are pneumatically delivered to the seed furrow. Application rates are from 1-40kg/ha. Retrofit kits will be available for the previous Azurit 9 machines. Other new features on the Azurit 10 include automatic seed singling for maize, and a fertiliser monitoring system that automatically alerts the…

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bigger hopper for the pronto

Horsch is looking to further increase the popularity of its Pronto universal seed drill series with several efficiency increasing updates on the 3.0m to 6.0m DC models. The new ISObus control concept and touch screen terminals are said to simplify machine handling, adjustment and monitoring and relocating the fan to a higher position on the new hopper (4,000 litres now available on the Pronto 6DC) is designed to prevent dust and dirt from entering the metering and distribution system. The split hopper provides improved accessibility and the calibration process has been improved. Options include the RowControl for individual row switch-off to eliminate overlaps, the WorkLight pro LED headlight system and 400-litre capacity MiniDrill. The Pronto 6 DC will soon be available with a 45cm (18”) diameter tyre packer for 40km/hr road approval.…

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general purpose wagon

In addition to handling silage, Krone’s GX is also suitable for transporting cereals, OSR, potatoes, sugar beet and even straw bales. There are two models, the tandemaxle GX 440 (44m3) and triple-axle GX 520 (52m3). Built using a patented single frame concept, telescoping side panels reduce load-over heights hydraulically by up to 700mm. The contents are unloaded using a full-width floor belt in combination with a moveable headboard. Rubber strips seal the sides to ensure small seeds remain inside the body and an acrylic glass panel provides operators with a clear view into the cargo space. Unloading times of the GX 440 are under 40 seconds (50 seconds for the GX 520). The optional discharge rollers can be bolted to the tailgate when not in use to allow the wagon to…

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9,000-litre ux sprayer

Amazone’s UX7601 (8,000 litres) and UX8601 (9,000 litres) UX Super trailed sprayers close the gap between the previous largest single axle UX Super 6201 (6,200 litres) and tandem axle UX Super 11201 (11,200 litres). The new chassis on the two newcomers results in an ideal weight distribution and good ground clearance. Boom options include the Super-L3 (39, 40 or 42m), which is equipped with the ContourControl active boom guidance system and the SwingStop active vibration damping system as standard. With pivot points at 12, 24 and 33m and the optionally available reduction joints on the boom outer sections, the Super L3 boom offers the flexibility for use at reduced working widths. One-sided independent folding up to the inner boom section is an advantage for negotiating obstacles. The two piston diaphragm pumps…