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dear reader

It is mid-October and it is great to feel the sunshine hitting the keyboard, even if it does illuminate how much I need to clean my desk, but that it will not be happening today. As soon as this issue is put to bed I will hopefully get outside for an hour to spend some time with our new pup, Strudel, and practice a bit of rugby with my daughter ahead of her first match on the girl’s team. So I better come up with something interesting to say. Back in the October issue we had a tractor test on a Steyr Expert and this month we have a driving impression on the Abolut – neither of which you can officially purchase in the UK or Ireland, so why are we…

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homemade hybrid

The 400hp (294kW) Auga M1 tractor developed by Lithuanianbased Auga Group, which manages about 39,000ha of organic cereals, root crops and vegetables, is powered by an electric driveline. Electricity to the four wheels motors is supplied from a biomethanepowered engine mated to a generator. During light duties, excess energy is stored in batteries for use as an electric power boost when the going gets tough and the M1 is said to work continuously for up to 12 hours. Auga Group CEO Kestutis Jušcius says the hybrid solution solves the limiting factor of biomethane-powered tractors in that they can only work for a few hours before having to stop to refill the storage bottles. “Our engineers have found solutions to solve the re-fueling problem and ensure the uninterrupted operation of the tractor.” Carried…

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first samasz merger

Designed and built in-house, the Falco2 has a working width of 9.0m, the two pick-ups can deliver material to the sides or deposit it in a central swath. Taking three years to develop, the pre-production versions have reportedly passed all field tests with flying colours and the first machines are expected to arrive in the UK and Ireland early next year. It will not be added to the price list just yet, but the Polish manufacturer has an 11.5m version in development. The three pick-ups are said to fold to transport dimensions of 3.9m high and 2.9m wide.…

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tractor bumper with storage box

Developed following requests from tractor drivers seeking additional space to store tools, chains grease guns and other kit, the Toolbox (TB) line of Agribumper front tractor bumpers/weights from Dutch firm Safertractors bv contains a lockable 145-litre storage compartment. There are two versions: the FH and BL. The basic weight of the FH400 (400kg) can be increased with 200kg of toolbox weights to 600kg (FH600) and 300kg of bottom weights to 700kg (FH700). The additional weight sets are combined in the TH900 (900kg). The basic weight of the BL600 is 600kg. Interchangeable weight blocks and side plates (also fit other Agribumper models) increases this to 800kg (BL800), 1,000kg (BL1000), 1,200kg (BL1200), 1,500kg (BL1500) and 1,800kg (BL1800). The width of the side wings on the FH is adjustable from 2.2 to 2.6m. The BL…

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New owner for Stoll Agrostroj Pelhrimov, the new Czech owner of the German tractor loader and attachment manufacturer, says it is business as usual and no major changes are planned. The purchase includes two production facilities in Germany and one each in Poland and the US. “The acquisition fits ideally with our strategic plan and holds great synergy potential for both companies,” says Agrostroj owner and CEO Lubomír Stoklásek. In addition to making drum mowers, the Agrostroj Group manufactures components and machines for a number of mainstream brands. This year, the Czech company, which has a 2,700-strong workforce, is aiming for a turnover of around €250m without Stoll. AGCO dealer changes AGCO has agreed changes with existing dealer partners Scot Agri and Ancroft Tractors on the distribution of the Massey Ferguson and Valtra…

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compact 5.0m drill

The newly styled hopper and integrated packer on the Pöttinger Aerosem VT 5000DD trailed pneumatic drill is said to result in a compact and tight-turning machine. Main features include splitting the pressurised 2,800-litre hopper longitudinally 50:50 in the direction of travel. Each side of the hopper contains a separate metering system, but feeds the same single seed line. The metering systems can be controlled independently to apply two components simultaneously. The large packer tyres are said to reduce ground pressure and minimise rolling resistance. Fitted with the Dual Disc double disc coulter system (up to 60kg can be applied to each seed coulter), the new drill can be matched to Lion 103C power harrows.…